How To Promote Your Groupon Deal With Optimized Press Releases

By on September 29, 2011

The team here at SMM recently came across a local dentist who used optimized press releases in conjunction with a promotion they were running on Groupon – to get more exposure for their high volume deal Juon 2. Instead of paying $7900 for an orthodontic treatment, you’d only have to pay $3499. As you can imagine, a deal this high needed the additional promotion yes24 다운로드! Let’s look at what Walnut Creek Dental may have done to achieve top search results for their press release Download ms office.

Walnut Creek Dental Press Release

This press release was published in order to drive additional traffic to their Groupon deal Batalion. It succeeded. But how? They landed themselves on Google page 1 for three of their targeted search terms, Groupon, Walnut Creek and dental.

Keyword Optimizing Your Content

This press release was peppered with these keywords, enough to grab the attention of Google crawlers download nprotect. The keyword Groupon is used 6 times, Walnut Creek, 13 times and dental, 10 times in this release. Each of these terms is also found in the title – a crucial part of any great content optimization Nvidia GeForce. There are 5 links in the release, driving traffic to their website, to Groupon and to their deal.

But what else could they have done to ensure its instant success Oh double?

#1: Picked Up By News Syndication Services

The Walnut Creek Dental press release was newsworthy enough to be picked up by real news services, who grabbed the story off PR Newswire 몬스터호텔3 더빙판 다운로드. The San Francisco Chronicle, Yahoo News and Digital Journal were a few of these news sites. The reasons this release was more newsworthy than many others Active x? It’s clearly locally based, with a larger than normal discount on an extremely expensive treatment. It’s not just news that a dentist is pioneering this sort of discount, it’s also incredibly relevant to people living in the area day-to-day.

#2: Link Popularity

The press release linked to the Walnut Creek website, as well as to Groupon and the actual Groupon deal page. Using the same keywords, the person that optimized this release was in essence, proving to Google that the press release was highly relevant. Link popularity is based on the quantity and quality of links to your pages – once the news sites began linking to the press release, it rapidly rose to page 1.

#3: Time Relevance

We’re seeing that news and real time searches are becoming more and more important to SEO. The Walnut Creek Dental press release was already a big news story, with a time sensitive deal attached to it. It had both factors that many experts are factoring into Google algorithms these days.

#4: Meta Data and Social Influence

Along with the obvious keyword choices, the press release was probably given appropriate meta data to assist in the initial indexing phase after publication. This is pretty standard, but done well and with so many great inbound links – the release was bound to rise to the top. What is really the most interesting of all, is that people who didn’t know this dentist, bought his deal. He has a small but dedicated Facebook presence, which made finding out who he was easy. A few person to person recommendations and it’s the best deal to come out of dentistry…ever!

Do you know why this press release got on Google page 1? Leave your ideas in the comment box below!

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