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By on February 13, 2014
what is internet blogging

So, what is internet blogging? I have come across many small business owners lately who don’t have the faintest idea how a blog could possibly improve their customer bases, or lead to greater communities online Dawn's Escort. Today I am rewinding it all back to a blank slate. Let’s explore what having an internet blog is all about.

Blogging traditionally comes from the word ‘weblog’ and these used to be those diary-like blogs you would find all over the net some ten years ago 다음 미니 사전. How things have changed!

What Internet Blogging Is NOT

First, let’s take a look at what owning a small business blog online is NOT 또 오해영 7회. When you know what not to put in your blog, then you are closer to being a better blogger.

• A blog is not a personal diary (though lots of people use them as one)
• A blog is not a diary for your business
• A blog is not purely for your business news, events and announcements
• A blog is not like a newsletter or catalogue

What Is Internet Blogging Then, For Small Business Bloggers Great Babylon?

Internet blogging for your small business is the science of creating community, attracting traffic and building engagement around your brand. It taps into the main forms of owned and earned media content in order to humanize and add likability to your brand name online 웹 애플리케이션.

The main forms of content appear in blog posts – images, text, curated quotes, videos, podcasts, webinars, slideshow presentations and apps can all be a part of your blog Download the return article.

what is internet blogging

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When someone asks me ‘what is internet blogging’ I automatically say – it depends on who you are, and who your brand wants to be to your online community Download Taizen. Your goal as a small business blogger is to feed your readers excellent, entertaining information.

A strategic small business blog should be able to attract a community of 10,000 people or more – which can later be converted into online sales at any time for your brand 구름입력기 다운로드.

When you run a popular blog, you can also bring in secondary passive income streams for your company. Blogs can be used to sell digital products, and they can host affiliate advertisements and Google or other ads that generate independent revenue 디즈니 타잔 게임.

What Is The Point of Having a Small Business Blog on The Internet?

You own your website, and you own your blog. All of the stuff you publish on your blog belongs to you – which is why all of your high value content should go there Crime City High Definition. Fans, customers and friends will come from all over the net to read your information.

• It positions you as a local niche authority
• It expands your brand reach online
• It opens up content trading opportunities with other bloggers
• It allows you to go on blog tours for more reach
• It soft-sells your products and services
• It helps you establish a brand that people online love

Mainly, when someone asks me ‘what is internet blogging’ – I stop dead in my tracks. If you don’t know by now, you are very behind. Your small business needs a blog as soon as possible so that you can take advantage of the best social strategy that exists online.

What is it about small business blogging that you don’t understand? Ask me below.

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