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By on February 25, 2011

The month of February has seen a lot of new changes added to Facebook, some nice – some a downright mystery. A lot of people are questioning why Facebook profiles have to change at all sheetjs 다운로드. But the truth is, as the leading social media platform Facebook does have to change, often – if it’s going to stay the best in its field.

Facebook fan page changes

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So let’s take a look at some of the changes that have happened, and how they’re going to affect your Facebook fan page muzhiwan 다운로드.

1. Leaving Messages As Your Business

One of the most promising changes is that now you can log into your business page and comment on other pages as your business, instead of as yourself mpeg4 다운로드. This is great for promotion and marketing – though there will surely be many businesses that abuse this new change.

Keep your page promotion relevant and don’t spam people – ever download mbc vod! Now your business name is directly related to everything you say on Facebook, so keep it clean and professional.

2. The New Layout

The most obvious changes have been to the old layout Return to base. You’ll notice that your photo features have changed for the better – and are now easily viewable in thumbnail form on a friend’s (or your own) photo page 마이크로소프트 소프트웨어 다운로드.

They are also available at the top of your profile now, and will refresh with new photos every time one is uploaded and your business page is tagged Download Trinity. Fans are not allowed to tag photos as businesses to prevent spam and constant abuse of the feature.

The tabs have been removed from the top of your fan page as well, and instead slotted in below your profile picture Bad Genius. This makes room for the new image feature, and perhaps future changes that Facebook plans on implementing. Only time will tell what the true reasons are for the tab reassignment – as far as we can tell, it’s purely aesthetic 삼성 바이오스.

3. New Owners Box Added on Pages

Another great change that will help B2B, or person to person interaction – is the new ‘page owner box’ on every fan page 리눅스 nmap 다운로드. This clarifies who exactly is running the page, and makes it easier for other businesses or ‘fans’ to get hold of the page admin.

Before this change, tracking down the owner was a huge hassle. The box lies on the left hand side, in the same column as the profile picture – and holds the names of all the administrators of the page, with their profile photos.

4. Changes To The ‘Likes’ on Facebook

A minor change has been made to the ‘likes’ boxes on your fan page. Basically your overall ‘likes’ box doesn’t show any profile images anymore, while your ‘friends who like this page’ box has been redesigned with some slight, subtle changes.

Your favorites pages have also been transformed into ‘likes’ boxes. This feature still allows you to choose which pages are your favorite, only now they appear in a box with ‘likes’ as the title. A little confusing, but in the grand scheme of things – nothing to worry about. It won’t affect your marketing goals at all.

Finally, Facebook has changed their markup language (FBML) to iframes, to make it easier for web developers to design outside of Facebook – and when they’re done, add it to the iframes platform. More changes are set to happen fairly soon, so keep an eye on our pages and we’ll let you know when!

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