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By on January 17, 2014
review email marketing companies

In order to review email marketing companies for our small business readers, I had to sift through dozens of larger, more comprehensive businesses that charged a fortune for basic email services download fhd movies. Today I have compiled a list of ‘starter’ email software companies that you will need to get your sales and list engagement off the ground, with little investment Download The Legend of The Castle.

A full scale email marketing company will not only use highly valuable software to manage your list, they will also ensure that each list member is converted correctly 성난 변호사.

Sorting Through The Right Small Biz Email Companies

#1: Mailchimp

Still the first feature-packed email service for small business users, Mailchimp offers dozens of incredible features that allows you to run detailed email campaigns for free Download the vlc player. I don’t mean to be blunt about it, but that’s awesome if you have no budget at all, but need to get your list off the ground. Where else can you do it with such style Download together? No-where!

Why? Drag and drop – you don’t have to know anything about code or design.
Where? Mailchimp >>

#2: SendBlaster

To properly review email marketing companies for you, I had to consider that many social media marketers need greater control over their campaigns Channel w. With SendBlaster, you can download their software for free and manage your campaigns directly on your desktop. Use their easy WordPress-esque editor, link checker, attach files and get access to great stats 모털엔진 다운로드.

Why? For more control and split-testing
Where? SendBlaster >>

#3: TargetHero

review email marketing companies

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Brand new on the email marketing scene is TargetHero, and it’s not bad at all 천외마경 진전. If you need to grow a small email list to 5000 for free to get your sales moving – this software company can help. Manage your contacts, create awesome campaigns, track your results (live!) and analyze your traffic 로그인 없이 jdk 다운로드. It’s exactly what you need for no-mess no-fuss email marketing.

Why? Mailchimp is too complicated, you want simple results Download Label View 8.0.
Where? TargetHero >>

#4: Reachmail

Another hot (and free for up to 5000 contacts) company is Reachmail – and there is a great reason why they made this list. Even AFTER you have successfully turned your email marketing campaigns into money, if you need to expand it costs you a tiny bit initially. You can send up to 30,000 emails a month for less than $10 and the features are there. Great!

Why? Feature-rich and free for life
Where? Reachmail >>

#5: AWeber

Not interested in starting out with free software? That’s okay too. Sometimes a small business social media manager knows that investing $19.00 makes the extra services and functionality worth it. In which case, I would go with AWeber. You can only support 500 subscribers, but you get unlimited emails.

Why? Need a more professional solution
Where? AWeber >>

To review email marketing companies, you really have to get a sense of what is needed. For the small business social media manager, often all it takes is a free program, some time and effort to convert sales from your new ecommerce site or service business. Then, once this is done – you can invest in the better, bigger and more imposing email companies.

Which of these companies do you think provides the better email marketing services?

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