How to Run a Business While You’re on the Move

By on June 13, 2018

Being a self-made entrepreneur means that your business becomes your life. Going home at the end of the day is different than working for someone else — you’re constantly on the clock and may have to attend to work matters at any time.

Vacations, moving across the country, and other kinds of traveling don’t work in the same way because you may still have to work, even when you’re taking a break. You may have to keep up your online presence and your marketing for your business while away from home for whatever reason — but with technology, this is totally possible.

Social Media

With the help of social media mobile apps, you should have no issues taking care of your day-to-day Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter promotions. Smartphones use 4G for the purpose of giving people internet access just about anywhere. Use your data wisely though, or else you may be paying out of your pocket quite a bit. Posting once a day on all social media formats is a good place to start and isn’t difficult to handle. Additionally, be safe — don’t post on social media while you’re driving, and promote safe travel habits to your followers by example.

You may be wondering, without being on the frontlines in the office, how will you have the content to promote via social media? Well, everyday life can double as marketing content. For instance, pictures of your pets on the go could double as content, as pets tend to draw in a lot of attention on social media platforms. However, to gain this kind of a following, you need to establish yourself as an authority on business matters. There needs to be a reason for people to follow you. And as much as you can, tie your travel into what your business is all about. Don’t misunderstand: inviting business into your personal life still requires a sense of professionalism — your social media is the face of your company, after all and should be set up in a way that’s business professional.

Email Lists

Even after all these years, email marketing is still an important tool for businesses. The great thing about most campaign managing software is that it allows you to schedule your mailing list to go out at the most relevant time for your audience. So you could write and schedule it before your trip and still have it be effective while you’re gone.

If your brand is more personal  — that is, your private life is related to your brand — you could try treating your email list as a travel blog. This would mean keeping people up to date with the places you’re going and activities you’re partaking in, which may take more time out of your vacation. However, if it seems like a drag, consider viewing it as a way to reflect and journal about your day — you might learn something while doing work at the same time!

Customer Communication

Take time before hitting the hay on a vacation or while travelling to look over your emails and see what your customers say. You may not have to give it too much time; just take a few checks when you have a minute between activities.

Traveling doesn’t prevent internet usage in the way that it used to — heck, even most campsites have Wi-Fi now. You can almost always check up on your employees, your sales statuses, or evaluate any customer complaints, requests, or questions you’ve received while gone. It’s important that you’re available every day to put out any fires that may arise. Stay ahead of the weather and utilize internet to just check in to take care of anything you need to.

Have you had to remotely run a business or do your job while traveling? We’d love to hear what tips you have! Go ahead and leave your stories, experience, and suggestions in the comments below.

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