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By on October 31, 2013

Being a blogger is no easy task, especially when you’re camera shy and you’re not too sure you want everyone in the world knowing your private business rldea.dll 다운로드. Today is Halloween, which means that you have a unique opportunity – to scare yourself into stepping out from the shadows into the light! This post is about being a likable, personal business blogger ms visio 2016 다운로드.

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The Fear In Every New Blogger’s Mind

If you are just starting out as a blogger, then you know that at some point during the planning process you will have to make a few crucial decisions Download the live annoyance. These decisions will impact the kind of content that you create on your blog, and they will influence whether or not people return to read your posts again, and again 경선식 다운로드.

For example:

• Should you put personal photos on your blog, of yourself?
• Should you be anonymous or adopt a pseudonym / different persona Download one summer night?
• Can you share personal stories on a business blog?
• How much is too much personal information?

The Best Business Blogging Formula In The World


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The social internet has changed, and will continue to change over the coming years 윈도우 모바일 디바이스 센터. People are becoming more transparent when blogging, and they are being rewarded for it. In fact, bloggers that take the ‘risk’ and be themselves online often have the most success Core Movie.

If you hide who you are from your readers, it takes away that ‘special ingredient’ that may set your writing on the right path. People like to identify with bloggers, to know that there is a real person behind the words Download the natural video. A key part of this is incorporating personal stories about yourself. In a business context, this attracts far more ‘real’ readers – which is great 위험한 아이들!

Honestly, the best business blogging formula in the world is just to be yourself. Speak about your life and make it personal for your readers. They will appreciate it!

How To Be The Most Likable Person On The Internet

Huffington post recently did an article on what the #1 skill was that likable people seemed to have in droves. Guess what that skill turned out to be? To listen. In today’s social world, people usually give you 8 seconds of their attention, even less if you’re online.

That’s right! Most of your readers will have the attention span of a goldfish, or worse! But this gives you yet another opportunity. You can charm your new readers by sharing some of your life with them, in words.

• Incorporate a funny situation with a client
• Tell your readers about a horrible mistake that you made
• Insert that time you accidentally embarrassed yourself in front of 30 people

You get the picture. Online, the only way people will care about you, is if they think you are real enough to listen to them. Your ‘real-ness’ factor also determines how many comments, shares and likes you get. In other words the correct answer to all of your questions is – take the risk! Put yourself out there, as part of your blog strategy. That is how you will get the best returns.

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Otherwise – what other questions do you have about ‘coming out’ online as a business blogger?

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