SEO EXCLUSIVE: The A-Z Guide To Keywords Without Google Data!

By on September 26, 2013
Google keywords

Google has done it again! In a shocking announcement made just this week, the search engine giant will no longer be providing keyword data of any kind to users. As it stands some 74% of search traffic is already encrypted, soon it will be 100%. I’m not here to tell you what is going on, I’m here to tell you what to do about it 더많은 확장프로그램.

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The 3 Second Google Keyword Debacle Roundup

What Has Google Done?

It is about to ‘turn off’ (encrypt) all referral data that helps social media managers create keyword strategies to integrate into their social content marketing practices 포플레이.

What Does This Mean?

No more access to Google keyword information, it will all be encrypted very soon. This means that you can’t find out via Google keywords what the best terms are to disseminate in your marketing practices.

What About Your Existing Keywords?

Don’t panic. Keywords are still very much a central concern for SEO and social content marketers Hello Cocomont. Keywords are not dead, and they still need to be strategically placed in your content. Google has just made it harder to do that effectively.

10 Ways To Compensate For The Google Keyword Data Loss

#1: Keyword data is still available on Google Adwords. Get an account and link Google Adwords to your Google Analytics accounts to see valuable keyword data.

#2: Keyword data is still available on a less accurate page level, so focus on using Google Webmaster Tools and your website’s organic search data to get keyword clues Download the Windows 7 activation program.

#3: Bing and Yahoo both offer keyword insights to users. You can still use these when putting together your keyword strategy. Click the links to reach them.

Google keywords

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#4: Conduct a competitor keyword ranking analysis fedora 23 다운로드. Rank still matters. Find your top competitors on Google, at the top right of your screen click on the ‘three striped’ icon, follow down the menu (on the website you are analyzing) click on tools, then ‘view source.’ If they have keyword meta data, it’s there for you to see and use.

#5: Do site or page specific keyword research. Use all of your social media analytics tools to add to your insights, then make educated keyword choices 롤헬퍼 다운로드.

#6: If you have the budget then it’s time to invest in a paid keyword tool. Wordtracker is the best, especially for high conversion local search results, a small business must.

#7: Use the Google-owned free YouTube keyword suggestion tool. It’s made by the same guys, so add it to your research. It’s not a complete replacement though Download the Internet Explorer attachment!

#8: If you don’t have the budget, then switch to free keyword tools like Wordstream, Ubersuggest, SEMRush and the SEObook free tool, powered by Wordtracker.

#9: You will still need to know about search volumes, and there is no better tool for this than Google Trends 영화 나를 찾아줘. Narrow down your keyword choices this way.

#10: Realign your keyword goals with your social content marketing strategies. Google wants great content, and they want it now. Social endorsements, recommendations, interactions and engagement has never been more important.

There you are – there is still hope for you as a small business social media marketer Download genuine manga. You just need to realize that instead of ‘only’ using the Google keyword data, you now have to switch to several sources, to make your own deductions.

This is the future of real time engagement, decision-making systems and social content marketing Airline Investigation Squad. Less data means more opportunity to rely on content instead of keywords!

What do you think about the Google keyword data shift?

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