How to Set Up a Facebook Messenger Ad

By on October 11, 2017

We all use Facebook Messenger in our day-to-day life and being a marketer it’s always a good idea to market your products and services on the platform which people uses the most.


Well, let me get it clear for you. What I mean is… what if you can target your prospects directly with Facebook Messenger Ads AirComics?

Sounds pretty cool right?

Messenger Ads display inside the messenger app home tab. This will help increase engagement of your business directly with your prospects.

What Are Facebook Messenger Home Ads?

With sponsored messages, you can target only those prospects who had any previous engagement with your products 티스토리 동영상.


One thing which makes messenger home ads so awesome is that you can target cold audience directly to market your product. Now you must be wondering I am talking a lot about messenger ads. Can I please even teach you how to create a messenger ad?

Well, don’t worry by the end of this article you’ll perfectly know how to create your own messenger ad Oracle 10g linux. Follow the steps through the article and you’ll be ready with you first messenger ad.

Let’s get started.

Choose Your Campaign Objective

Head on to Facebook Ads Manager and select your campaign objective. For messenger home ads choose either the traffic or conversion objective as your campaign.

We’ll move forward with Conversion objective for the rest of this tutorial 버스게임 다운로드.

After selecting the objective give it a proper name to track your records in future.

Next up, you need to select your conversion event

As you are targeting cold audience through your ad you should choose “View Content” as this will help you measure conversions for viewing your ads content. (Make sure you have added the Pixel code to you website for this to work)

Select Your Target Audience

Now after choosing your campaign, next you need to select your Audience whom you want to target Download Little Forest.

In the Audience tab, you’ll see two options i.e., “Create New” and “Use a Saved Audience”. Previously, Facebook allowed us to target only new audience but now you can also target your saved audience.

As you are targeting cold audience you’ll Create New and will neglect the Custom audiences catalogue.

Choose Ad Placement

Choosing a perfect placement for your ads to show is a very crucial part. This is when Facebook will determine where and when your ads will be shown to your target audience.

You can choose “Automatic Placements” or “Edit Placements”.

With Automatic Placements, you can’t control your ad and Facebook will take care of the ad and show the ad where ever required Download the Instagram video. It’s good and recommended if you don’t know where to place your ads.

But, if you know the spots and where to show your ads you can definitely go with Edit Placements option. This will help you choose your ads placements manually.

The last step is to choose your budget.

Create Your Ad

Once you are done setting up your budget next up is a fun part it’s creating your ad Download Windows 7 wallpapers.

Now from the identity tab select your Facebook page from where you want your ad to be delivered. Also choose the format in which your ad will be shown (Carousel, Single Image, Single Video, and Slideshow)


Next up, you need to set up your Ad Download what's my fault.

Here you need to put in a catchy Headline which will attract leads and a short description about what you are selling through your ads.

Lastly, there is a Call to Action button which will convert your customers into leads. After you set up your ad, on the right-hand side you can see your ad preview 서브나우티카.

Messenger Content Setup

The last and the most important step for your messenger ads is to set up its content. You’ll be given two options one is the standard one and the other is JSON.

In the JSON format, you need to either add code manually or copy the code from a third party chatbot like Chatfuel.

We are not getting into any technical details and I am trying to keep it as simple as possible so we’ll use the standard setup for this tutorial.

You need to add your Welcome Message and your message text which will be shown to your cold audience. Choose an image to make it more appealing and lastly create a CTA for your users to take action.

This is the final version of how your ad will look like.

That’s all in just less than 10 mins you have created your first Facebook messenger ad.

Wrap Up

Messengers Home ads are a great way to connect with your prospects who are operating on mobile devices. As Messenger ads are new in the market Facebook is still trying to improve it and make easy for us to use.

Let me know in the comment section whether or not you liked the tutorial. If you find any query post that in the comment and I’d would be happy to solve it.

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