From Sheep To Shepherd: Becoming a Blog Superstar

By on January 27, 2011

There’s a lot of terrible information out there on how to become a ‘superstar’ blogger. If it was as easy as everyone says it is, there would be a lot more of them around Download hp SolutionCenter. But you can’t really become a famous blogger, because there will always be people that aren’t in the least bit interested in your niche topic.

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For the people that are however – you can become a household name adwcleaner 다운로드. And that’s the trick. To get your target community to think of you, before they think of anyone else in your field. To truly listen to you, like an army listens to its commander 에브리타임 앱. That’s when you’ve arrived as a blog superstar. That’s when you have the influence you need to become a blogging legend.

Let’s take a look at what you can do to hurry along your progress msvcp100.dll 무료 다운로드.

Not All Blog Posts Are Created Equal

It’s great that you have a posting plan, and that you’ve decided on a decent length for your daily posts Download macbook icloud photos. But don’t get stuck on the same type of post that also happens to be the same length – repeated on a daily basis.

You might have amazing information in each post – but let’s face it, without variety people get bored 베스트 오브 미 다운로드. Come up with different types of posts and vary the length. Include news, announcements, reviews, guest posts, normal posts and linkbait posts. Mix it up – that’s how you hold an audience Download oran high school host department.

Don’t Be Like The Other Sheep

If you want to become the shepherd of your flock, then you have to start thinking like one CadMas. Would a shepherd take the advice of a dozy sheep? Be careful where you get your information from, often it comes from people who have never achieved blogging success themselves contact subtitles.

What works for other bloggers might not work for you. Stay true to your own beliefs, morals and stories – pretending to be something you’re not is transparent and really difficult to maintain 2차 세계대전 타임트랙. Be prepared to take the initiative and become an endless source of knowledge, entertainment and wonder.

Work on Structure For Best Results

It’s every business bloggers dream to become a superstar in their niche. To succeed, you need to work on your writing structure, introductions, story telling and headlines. Often it’s the bloggers that include wit or humor in their posts that make it. Don’t be afraid to show your readership that you are more than a highly regarded business person. You’re human too. People like humans.

With personal posts, catchy headlines and funny anecdotes – there’s no reason why your blog shouldn’t take off. If you struggle with writing, then perhaps you need to hire a professional to help you. In the long run – your readers are there to read. If the content isn’t up to scratch, or the writing is terrible, say goodbye to your community.

The real ‘superstar’ formula can’t be predicted. Blog everyday, work hard and never give up – and that will give you a bigger shot than the bloggers who do.

How did you make your blog popular in your niche?
Did you use a certain structure or idea? Let us know!

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