Social Managers: The 3 Key Pillars of Customer Experience

By on June 12, 2013

The business world is changing – man and machine are working together to render better results for brand customers, as the motivation for business transforms from ‘profit’ to ‘customer experience.’ Your content needs to be aligned with these transformational goals, so that you can take advantage of repeat business more often design resume form. Today, I’m going to talk about creating the customer-centric content strategy that will help you achieve this.

Asking Your Social Media Manager The Hard Questions

Small business owners get so caught up in trying to sell to new clients on their social media properties, that they forget about the fans and followers that have already liked and engaged with their brand 텍스쳐 모음. It’s these people that present a unique opportunity, and they can help you prepare your content for high conversion sales.

But sales these days are not a result of ‘hard selling’ or a desperate need to inflate your community numbers ckeditor. Gaining profit in social media is the WRONG end goal. If you’ve set up your content strategies to generate profit, and that’s it, you are going to come up short Download mp3 from the 90s. You need to swap ‘profit or revenue generation’ with ‘customer experience’ to achieve true financial success with social media.

When you focus on CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE, you are able to align the 3 key pillars in business that will result in improved revenue over time 모비고 다운로드. These 3 key pillars are:

• The automated systems you use to support your content strategy
• The social media analytics systems that you use to orientate yourself in what works and what doesn’t Download excel upload.
• The real time decisions that you make based on customer engagement and analytics feedback

Again the 3 keys are AUTOMATION, ANALYTICS and DECISION MANAGEMENT 일요특선 다큐멘터리.

If you can align these 3 sectors of social content strategy then you can optimize your content for customer outcomes and experiences Touch firmware. Once you have control over the ‘experience’ that each customer gets from different sectors of content – you will be able to answer ANY marketing question that arises, to improve your revenue conversions Download the javascript url file.

• Realize that there is no such thing as a ‘uniform’ customer experience. Each customer is an individual and is going to be affected in unique ways Black Panther high definition.

• When you take advantage of automated software (like Hootsuite scheduling, Tweetdeck or any number of auto-publish tools) you free yourself from the daily work slog, to focus on what matters: engagement.

• Not only do you need a quality analytics tool on your side (machine), you also need a framework for quality decision-making (man) so that the insights created from these analytics are accurate and useable.

Your goal for today is to wade through your current content strategy to see if it is really aligned with your best interests. You need to find the best analytics system possible, great automation tools, and you need to outline a basic decision framework for your business.

The goal is to capitalize on existing customers by focusing on their needs, using your content as a way to deliver the best possible experience. This way, you can upsell and cross sell to customers that have already bought, instead of wasting your time on new customers that may never buy from your brand.

Have you been using analytics to streamline your content strategies?

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