How Social Media Influences your Sales Funnel

By on January 22, 2018

The advent of social media has greatly augmented the effectiveness of the sales funnel as a business strategy, and this can be attributed to the popularity of social networks where prospects are more likely to get their purchasing ideas these days.

Social media can be a boon to business owners who integrate it within their sales funnel. As you will learn in this article, paying close attention to social media and executing on a sales funnel implementation plan can work wonders for your business 너를 만나 mr 다운로드.

The key is to move beyond the promotional aspect and understand how social networking can help you to convert prospects into buyers. Whether your company offers goods or services on a business-to-consumer or business-to-business basis, social media can help to improve your bottom line 피망 맞고.

From Linear to Cycle: The Sales Funnel Then and Now

In the decades that transpired between the Civil War and World War II, the sales process in North America mostly ran a straight line between sellers and buyers.

Shoppers preferred general stores because they felt comfortable getting their goods from the same people they would see at church on Sundays. In some cases, shoppers took their chances purchasing from traveling salesmen who sold novelty products by means of bombastic presentation; however, building trust was not something that these merchants were interested in since their specialty was leaving town as soon as possible ipad youtube 다운로드.

By the 1950s, with the Madison Avenue advertising machine running at full speed thanks to television commercials, a sales pyramid emerged. This new sales process was quickly adopted by major brands, small businesses, telemarketers, and used car dealerships. Here’s how the sections of the sales pyramid were set up:  

  • top 10 percent building rapport
  • 20 percent on qualifying buyers
  • 30 percent on presenting a show
  • 40 percent into rushing prospects to the closing table or to the checkout section Download Lenovo Vantage.

In the 1970s, a new generation of salespeople such as Zig Ziglar inverted the sales pyramid: the top section accounted for 40 percent of building trust

  • 30 percent understanding the needs of prospects
  • 20 percent presenting products or services
  • 10 percent closing without pressure

This inverted pyramid process would later be integrated with the traditional awareness, interest, desire, and action model, and evolve into the sales funnel, which would later include a retention element.

The Modern Sales Funnel

The modern sales funnel has evolved into a cycle with clear stages that utilize marketing resources more effectively 타임가드. Although the focus is still on making the point to prospects that a purchase will be beneficial to the prospect, the cycle also allows customer interaction and discussion on social media channels. By implementing social media in your business processes and sales, you can leverage all the benefits Autocad 2010. Here are the stages of the sales funnel in social media era.


In the 21st century, awareness is known as branding; it is the first stage of the sales funnel but can also be practiced throughout the cycle. Making your brand visible on major social networks such as Facebook and Instagram is essential for business success since these platforms are becoming the first places where prospects find out about them Download Microsoft Office 2016. You have organic and paid branding options on social media, and some of the most effective methods include retaining an influencer to promote your brand.


Once prospects are aware of your brand, they will continue their research online, which means that they will likely check for your business on Facebook; the reason for this research on social media is because they want to see what others have to say about your company 아이튠즈 12.0.1. Moreover, prospects may want to interact with your business before they buy, and this is something that they hope they can do on social media. The interest stage is where you have an opportunity to give prospects an opportunity to build up confidence in your brand.


This stage has always been part of the sales funnel that involves creating emotional connections with your prospects. Thanks to social media, you have a platform to publish valuable content that speaks to your prospects’ needs coreaac directshow filter. You can use Facebook and other social networks to educate your customers on what they need to know about your products and services; the key is to keep things human and personal through your content and interactions.


Social media can make it easy for your brand to gain the most powerful marketing strategy: recommendations and referrals. Prospects often become buying customers when they are encouraged by positive reviews from people within their social circles Workbench. Business profiles in social media have the effect of inviting feedback and allowing you to adequately respond; this is better for your brand than self-promotion because it will say more about your business than your best marketing efforts ever will.


This boils down to the fact that getting new customers will cost you a lot more than retaining them. To this effect, you may want to use social media as a customer service platform that will provide social proof for your brand, keeping in mind that the service you provide following a purchase is just as important as all the preceding stages of the sales funnel combined. 

How Did The Sales Funnel Change?

Prospects are more tech savvy than ever; just like the 19th century buyers who eventually learned to stay away from the traveling snake oil salesmen, modern customers flock to the internet in search of experiences and social proof related to your brand. In other words, marketing and promotion efforts on their own are not enough for modern prospects to become buying customers because they not only have needs but also personal values they seek to uphold.

By observing the social media aspects of the sales funnel, you get to learn more about your prospects and existing customers; in essence, social networks can be your best source of marketing and business intelligence as they apply to your e-commerce business.

Think about social media as a massive focus group or as a publicly visible customer service platform. If you use it correctly, the customers who follow you on social networks will become your best promoters.

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