Social Media Mashup Madness: How Similar Are They?

By on December 6, 2012

The social media world is experiencing some interesting changes of late, and patterns are emerging. Pinterest took the best of Twitter and made something new 사랑과 영혼. Twitter launched Medium and is now becoming more like Facebook. Myspace took Pinterest and is outdoing Pandora. Facebook just changed subscribers to Twitter-like followers 또 오해영 12회. What’s going on!

Social Media Progress Panic is Fully Underway

This year has truly been the year for updates, revamps and do-overs Download the evolution of trust. But the latest piece of news being broadcast on the Twittersphere is that Facebook has just adopted it’s ‘followers’ word to describe what they first called its subscribers 포켓몬 dp.

Readers that have been paying attention this year may have figured out that something is amiss here in the land of social media progress windows 7 pro k iso 다운로드. Instead of these social networking sites doing what they do well, they are all morphing into each other. Take a look:

The Facebook Progression Bar

  • Began as a humble social network
  • Great place to play games and awesome marketing potential
  • Lots of users

RED FLAGS: The advertising bombardment ala ‘Myspace’ 5 years ago Download the smartphone gallery. The increasingly cluttered interface. Facebook assimilating all social media progress features like the Twitter follower feature.

The Twitter Progression Bar

  • Began as awesome, minimalistic microblogging platform
  • Great place to put your thoughts
  • Better place to meet people in your niche

RED FLAGS: Becoming a more complex social media platform with images, video, and future updates that are surely set to muddy the simplicity of Twitter 영화 컨택트.

Twitter inventors launched a blogging platform called ‘Medium’ – to find out more about it, click here.

The LinkedIn Progression Bar

  • Amazing social media business network
  • Awesome for real world work connections
  • Find good jobs through people here

RED FLAGS: LinkedIn is becoming an app centre ai program. Yes, it’s nice to be able to add in who you are – but people should find out by talking to you – you know – like they did in the old days.

The Pinterest Progression Bar

  • Awesome new interface for images
  • Great way to share opinions on images
  • The first real ‘personal profile’ social site

RED FLAG: None yet – though Pinterest is fast becoming the template for future social media success Download Pendor's Prophecy 3.9.4.

The Myspace Progression Bar

  • Fantastic first social media network
  • Meeting new people
  • Hearing new and obscure music

RED FLAG: Everything Myspace did before this up-coming relaunch – the ads, the clutter, the lack of direction, the mass exodus and now…the Pinterest-esque appearance 배치파일 파일 다운로드.

The Google+ Progression Bar

  • A carbon copy of ALL other social sites, but with an OCD-like need for privacy and friend-sorting.

There are just too many red flags to mention when it comes to Google plus.

The Social Media Mashup Police

I think we’ve reached the stage in the evolution of social media, where even the limited sites that have some sort of gimmick appeal (like the speed and simplicity of Twitter) are finding themselves inadequate and ill-equipped to compete with massive sites like Facebook.

Facebook wants to remain the best so they’re assimilating all the new ‘proven’ tech features into their already booming system. The other social media sites are doing the same thing. The problem is that they are moving away from originality – which will force users to choose which sites they like best.

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After a flood of expansion logically comes consolidation! Are we, as social media users heading towards consolidation? Is that why all the social media sites are scrambling to be the best? What do you think?

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