Social Media for Mobile App Marketing: Practices That Matter

By on April 5, 2018

The competition in mobile app space is becoming fiercer by the day. As the number of mobile app development companies continues to rise, the obvious result is an extended app count. Apps are developed with a purpose in mind. They primarily serve users as a service, or to assist  in case of emergency. Right from getting your favorite food delivered to your doorstep to letting you book a cab with utmost ease, mobile apps have certainly made our lives easier. Well, it is the user’s perspective of interacting with an application. The viewpoint of a mobile app developer or a marketer is totally different.

For developers and marketers, the most obvious requirement is to rank the app in the top rankings for increased visibility. At a time when app stores are flooded, it is quite challenging to rank an app that has just been launched. Apart from exceptional SEO methodologies, there are some social media platforms that could help bring visibility to the app. Here is a brief description of the best social media practices that market leaders follow:

Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Apps

Creating the Pre-Launch Hype

Social media channels are the best platforms to hype an upcoming application. These sites are flooded with the users, which is the perfect opportunity for app developers and marketers to showcase their applications among users. The pre-launch of an app is an opportunity to say as much as you can about the functionality of the application. Let the users count on the benefits of the app, which is possible only by sharing the app teaser on popular social media websites. Prior to choosing the best platform for the app promotion, research the nature of the app and the best-suited platform. Twitter is a great platform for passing along information in the real time. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter will help to offer detailed information about the application.

App Branding Through Social Networking

App branding is important, and spreading the news through social media will ensure a global reach. It is best to invest in the campaign so that your app branding can pave the way to a successful launch of the application. Introduce your application through a banner image, and the details of the app prescribing its niche, along with other important details such as app type, category, and other technical details. Remember, it is important to get pique the user’s interest, and the best way to do that is through social media.

Engaging User Base During and After the App Launch

An app’s launch day is the biggest opportunity for the marketers to engage the user base. The most common points of engagement are the various issues that pop-up in the minds of the users. To keep the initial interest going, your mobile app development team should be prompt in answering questions as well as addressing concerns from the users. It can be done by:

  • Answering users’ questions immediately
  • Creating a dedicated hashtag to follow every time the app is listed

The key is to keep users happy with the app and the services it offers. Never miss an opportunity to promote your app.

The Bottom Line

Going social with your mobile app is a way to bring the required visibility to it in a short time. There are millions of apps listed in the App Store, but just a few of them succeed in getting the recognition they deserve. Keep these points in mind and make a success of your app.

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