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By on March 17, 2014

Social media news changes faster than ebooks can be published, which is why it’s so important to stay connected with updates, news and changes in the industry I downloaded it eight times. This week, there is a host of news pouring in from Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and others, that we’ll clue you in on here.


Latest Facebook News

In the latest social media news on Facebook, the prolific social team is going to be introducing hashtags to the platform 윈도우 아이클라우드 사진. Like their competitor Twitter, Facebook is desperately searching for easier ways of indexing huge amounts of content. Luckily, the hashtag is used in several other places, and doesn’t uniquely belong to Twitter aix jdk 다운로드.

This social media news has delighted some Facebook fans, and outraged others. A Facebook spokesperson mentioned that these hashtags would be used to group conversations I downloaded that on time i'll leave. So look forward to many Facebook conversations in the future, with added hashtags in there for emotional meaning. #Justanotherfacebookfail?


What’s Going on With Pinterest 묵검향 반야?

Finally, a shiny new analytics tool was released on Pinterest recently, which is definitely a positive improvement for business page owners. Social media news like this is always good, as it’s important to keep track of your daily marketing stats and data 상어가족 동영상. You’ll be able to see how many people have pinned your content, clicks, impressions, views and more.

Business owners will be scrambling to integrate this new on-page tool into their weekly data analyses, so that they can get more followers and leads Chrome audio.


LinkedIn Changes to Note

LinkedIn has made a bold move to buy a new app, called Pulse. It’s a news reading app that already has 20 million users – no small amount Download Will's Hero Bugedition. Social media news sites were brimming with speculation about this unconfirmed rumor – and LinkedIn is staying tight-lipped about it. The app recommends certain content to you based on your activity and likes Download the leave certificate.

If LinkedIn is looking to extend the media side of their business, then Pulse would be a great buy 청문회. We’ll have to wait and see if the business network giant closes the deal.


Twitter Updates of Importance

Twitter Vine continues to be the leader in the field of 6 second looping video clips. While competitors like Cinemagram, Viddy and Socialcam have started to decline – Vine continues to grow thanks to Twitter’s social context. Social media news like this proves that certain apps can only survive in the long term market, when they have a solid user base.


Google Evolves a Little More

Google decided to kill the Google reader this past week, which has caused an absolute uproar with the social community. People seem to like the reader that Google has decided to shut down, they’ve even signed a petition to save it. It doesn’t seem as though this social media news has made Google change their minds. They’re still going to stop the service.

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