10 Social Media Rebranding Tips For Your Annual Design Update

By on November 6, 2012

Social media rebranding is something that businesses should consider doing every year or so. It’s normal to look at your graphics every few years and find it lacking – especially if you’re in the tech field 공룡 의 땅 다운로드. Today, I’m going to give you 10 great branding tips that will help your business, going into 2013.

#1: Your Competitor Brand Files

I once knew a marketer who took screenshots of his top 10 competitor blogs at the beginning of every year 아네모네. At the end of each year, he would break out the social media rebranding files and review them core chip. Then – he would outdo them.

#2: Core Message Updates

If your business has drifted into new markets or changed direction, your branding could be off 아래아한글 무료. Social media rebranding is about expressing your core message. If yours isn’t on point, it’s time for a design shift.

#3: Social Media Rebranding Assets

At the end of every year, review your online assets Witch's Court. Assets can include URL’s, account names, domain ownership, images, videos and total worth. If you’re missing some – get them. For example – no Pinterest account Download php hwp? Secure yours right now.

#4: Twitter Page Refresh

Social media rebranding applies to your Twitter page as well – so review it 영화 장사리. Then compare it with other pages in your niche. Any trends, useful design tricks or graphics that you like? At the end of this year, your brand needs a shiny new Twitter background Download Modern Times.

#5: Facebook Page Refresh

Facebook pages should be refreshed every 3 months, so if you haven’t done any social media rebranding there for a while, do it 지브러쉬. A new profile pic and cover page can go a long way for your brand. It says – ‘we’re always moving forward.’

#6: Youtube Video Social Media Rebranding

Youtube is changing, so gear up for the change by freshening up your Youtube brand page 소셜포비아 다시보기. Count how many views you’ve received and chart out goals for January. Then start fresh with a funky new look and feel that will attract attention and more subscribers.

#7: LinkedIn Copy Refresh

LinkedIn isn’t about images, it’s about copy. Redo yours! Research better keywords and create new, interesting and punchy copy for your profile. Social media rebranding is more than design, it’s about strategy as well.

#8: Inexpensive Graphics Packages

If you’re trying to keep costs low, great news! November-December is a great time to cash-in on social media rebranding specials from tech and design companies. Template sites offer a lot of great image packages that you can use to revamp your look.

#9: Newsletter Recharge

Your newsletter is the one social media rebranding tool that you can’t skimp on this year. Find new templates to use or get one designed for your company – your subscribers will love the way you’re always looking to add value to their experience.

#10: Website Rebrand

Websites can be pricey to rebrand every year, so look at updating it instead. Social media rebranding includes your website and blog! Add new plugins, update your social media plugins, add an app or just redo your header.

Social media rebranding lets your customers know that you’re always on the cusp of the latest design and tech trends. That’s good for business!

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