Social Media Tips From The Oscars: What You Should Learn

By on March 12, 2012

The Oscars once again graced our screens recently, revealing more about social media than ever before. This highly social event caused millions of people to share their insights on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ 모델심 다운로드. So today, we’re going to teach you some great lessons about social media, straight from the Oscars.

Red Carpet Mayhem: It’s In The Image

When the cameras come out, the internet comes alive 핑크퐁 체조. If there’s one thing the Oscars proved this year, it’s that social image sharing and grouping is on the rise. With sites like Pinterest leading the way, you need to make sure that you ramp up your image strategies to meet the demand Download Drastic Soulsilver.

There’s Nothing Like a Good Story

The movies that came away as big winners this year were all based around engrossing, emotional stories 검은사막 커스터마이징 다운로드. Just look at Hugo and The Artist as an example. This proves that all people want to watch, read and experience a darn good story. If your blog has been clicking along, perhaps it’s time to change your tactics 유니파잉 소프트웨어. Sell your readers a great story, and see how they respond!

Twitter is an Events Goldmine

If you happened to be on Twitter on the night of the Oscars, you’ll remember the huge impact that it had on the network 차차차 게임. For several hours it was all people could talk about! While the Oscars is a big deal in Hollywood, you can translate the hype on Twitter to make something happen for your small business jquery.bxslider.min.js 다운로드. Clearly, if you want word to get out fast, tweeting about it is the right thing to do.

Why don’t you try live-tweeting from your next event? It’s free exposure E-Bible!

Self Promotion Pays Off Big Time

Everyone watched the Oscars this year. It’s because they learned to take advantage of different social media 수능 특강! There was an Oscar’s application that you could download to keep you posted on all things Oscar-related.

Then there was the ‘second screen’ interaction play that they made Download the PowerPoint icon. Fans could tune in, and see the Oscars from a non-traditional point of view through the website and their application. On the night there were 20 live cameras broadcasting additional content.

If you think up extraordinary ways for fans to interact and experience your brand, it will pay off. You need to look into different subscriber models and live action-packed experiences on your Youtube feed.

Driving traffic is the name of the game here. If you can figure out how to use social media to drive the kind of traffic the Oscars delivered, you’re in for a pay rise. They might have larger resources and deeper pockets than you have, but all of these methods can be implemented on a smaller scale by a creative team, or an ambitious individual!

Don’t forget to focus on images and live content this year in your social strategy. The Oscars have proven that they work wonders. They can work for you too!

What was your favourite Oscar moment? Does it inspire you to be more social online? Tell us your story!

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