Social Metrics That Companies Should Monitor

By on January 28, 2011

Every great social media strategy needs to be monitored, measured and analyzed – so that you can improve on it over time. Unfortunately, because social media is still so new, many first time strategists don’t have any idea what it is they should be measuring Download the telegram sticker image.

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These metrics can make or break your company’s social media campaign Knox Lineage m. After all, without data how would you ever know if your strategy is effective? Monitor, measure and make the necessary changes to your strategy – and your chances of success increase dramatically Download the Twitter tweet. Like all worthwhile online strategies that see a great ROI, social media needs to be measured.

Let’s take a look at the metrics that your social media strategist should be taking into account 가족관계증명서 다운로드!

Fanbase and Traffic Streams

The two most popular metrics that are examined are: the size of the fanbase, and the various traffic streams that flow into the numerous social media accounts sheetjs 다운로드. Usually these two factors are the only two that are thoroughly analyzed, as each affects the other – and improving either’s performance will boost the overall efficiency of the social media strategy as a whole muzhiwan 다운로드.

The Flow of Communication

Another feature that strategists like to explore, is the flow of information about a company or product – between networks, and on other people’s pages mpeg4 다운로드. This can help the strategist measure whether their social media strategy (as part of their communication strategy) is working well. Controlling what communities say about your business or products is vitally important, especially if your plan is to build yourself a great reputation, and become trustworthy enough to sell a lot of products in a buyers market download mbc vod.

Time Spent on Each Platform

A sort of ‘bounce rate’ measurement to determine how long your communities are staying on each of your platforms Return to base. Over time, you’ll be able to track if your Facebook applications for example, are keeping more people involved with your brand name, or leading them to your website 마이크로소프트 소프트웨어 다운로드. You’ll also be able to chart which platform is generating the most valuable traffic for you, which you can use to adjust your budgets, and focus in on the sites that matter.

Measure The Activity on Your Platform

To put together valid data on the efficiency of each of your social media pages, you’ll need to measure the activity there. Where, when and why does it happen – will help you create content that provokes even more interaction, and therefore builds a stronger community – which will boost sales conversions in the long run. You’ll also be able to track which community members are inactive, and which are the most likely to buy from your business.

Tracking The Conversion Rates

Naturally, you’ll want to keep tabs on your sales conversions. After all, it’s all about the bottom line – and if that doesn’t improve, then your social media strategy is dead in the water. By tracking your conversion rates, you’ll be able to tell when things sell, who buys them and why, and how you can tweak your strategy to make these features happen more often for an upsurge in sales.

These are the key metrics that you’ll need to keep an eye on, if you want your social media strategy to become successful. It’s only successful if you’re making money – remember that!

Do you keep an eye on your social metrics?
How do you do it? Let us know, below!

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