Strategies to Boost Your Social Media Engagement in 2020

By on January 22, 2020


The beauty and challenge of running your business’s social media pages and profiles lie in one and the same trait of these platforms: they are ever-evolving, and as a result, nothing ever stays the same. In perpetual change, there isn’t a business that cannot be affected by those changes and innovations. New trends pop up as users shift their interests, new features of these platforms enable them to consume content of various formats and quality, and new ideas fuel new behavioral preferences and social media etiquette. What was once considered a norm might not be all that politically correct today.

Now that we’ve started our journey into 2020, you’ve already noticed that your social media strategy needs a revamp. If you want more people to share your content, comment, and interact on your pages, you need to pour some extra effort into your social strategy for this year. Let’s take a look at a few tactics to keep in mind when you wish to boost engagement on social networks.

Diversify your content formats

Social media might not be all about fun and games in recent years, but it’s also a place where people spend time only if they are genuinely interested in the topics they come across. Otherwise they’ll just scroll past what they don’t care for or what they know will simply be a waste of their time. Interactive content such as polls, time-limited and temporary posting in stories, and live streaming all transform the social media realm into a far more engaging universe for your customers.

Instead of static posts that talk “at” your audience, creating engaging content means that you’ll take your creativity a step further and utilize existing and upcoming social media features to maximize your potential to start conversations and inspire shares. If you’d like more people to share or comment, you first need to get their attention, and that requires content diversity.

Monitor trends to boost relevance

Social platforms are driven by trends. They thrive on their own ever-changing nature, and as such, social networks truly live up to the principle of the survival of the fittest. If you cannot catch up to the latest trends, you’re not just falling behind, but you’re becoming obsolete. In fast-paced markets such as Hong Kong, your digital presence is defined by how well you know your own industry, and what will allow you to position yourself to the top of the SERPs. To a great extent, your social media strategy will be defined by how well you plan your SEO moves, too.

Trends drive the changing use of different topics and keywords, allowing you to research them, analyze them, and most importantly, use them appropriately in all of your content, including your social media posts. For example, best practices for SEO in Hong Kong will be defined to a great extent by what is currently relevant in that region. That, in turn lets your local audience recognize that you’re on top of the latest trends, making your content more shareable, and more relevant in the eyes of search engines, too. With more shares, comments, and general engagement, you boost your search engine relevance, too, allowing you to enhance your presence across all channels.

Join industry-vital conversations

Social media groups and pages sometimes lead the way in certain topics and conversations. When you fail to show up and state your case, you might be missing out on a vital engagement opportunity with your customers and your general audience. That’s why monitoring these groups and pages that tackle important questions should become a part of your strategy for 2020.

This is your opportunity to position yourself on social media as the leader in your niche, and voice your opinions, suggest solutions, and offer help whenever you can. It takes time and dedication, but with a consistent approach, you have a chance to turn these conversations into meaningful bonds and even more engagement over time.

Use social media as a customer service touchpoint

Sometimes, people will tag brands in their posts, in search of answers, or a resolution for some of their issues. At other times, people might not tag your brand, but when they do mention your business, or start a conversation in which your voice could help them solve a problem, your response can make all the difference. Social media is no longer just a source of entertainment, but also a place where brands come to life and serve a purpose.

If you’re still not using your direct messaging option to answer questions and resolve issues, that’s another step you’re missing in your strategy. Interactions may sometimes begin from a place of conflict or dissatisfaction, but your response can help mend these bonds. Use your social profiles, direct messaging, as well as tagging options to help your customers and they’ll reward you with loyalty and greater engagement.

Social media platforms are growing in relevance for every single industry, and for businesses of all scopes and sizes. Now that innovation is at the forefront of all things 2020, including your marketing strategy, make sure that you’re ready to increase social engagement with these and other tips for your business. Use them to your advantage and allow your social footprint to bring more customers your way.

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