Is There a Sure-Fire Formula to Going Viral?

By on March 30, 2013

Viral marketing has never been an exact science, though that hasn’t prevented marketers all over the world from coming up with their own versions of formulas that ‘work.’

Usually, these ‘instant viral hits’ are accompanied by 50 failed attempts that the same marketer was working on, in exactly the same way True image. So what is it that makes a picture, an article or a video go viral?

There are some clear underlying pointers you have to know about, if you ever want the slightest chance of being responsible for a viral sensation Download the Google Chrome plugin.

Having said that, there are also different levels of viral success. For a Fortune 500 business, 2 million people watching their Youtube video is a hit 애플 아이튠즈. For a small barbershop in an even smaller town, 8000 people checking in on their style pictures every few days is an incredible accomplishment.

The first lesson is – be realistic 게임 어떻게 다운로드. Even if one of your articles is read by 400 people in the same day, a little bit of magic has happened. It is now up to you to discover why. Now, let’s get down to some must-have features in your next viral attempt Download Freedom Movie.


1. Pick The Medium, Pick The Right Subject

A video is the most likely medium to go viral, then a picture, and then content 무비 메이커. If you really want your subject to take off, then figure out a way to present it in the right medium.

It’s also a good idea to pick a popular subject and exploit it 노인을 위한 나라는 없다 다운로드. Either that, or come up with something so entertaining, so funny, or so cute – that no one will be able to resist watching your video a million times 갤럭시 그랜드 맥스 다운로드.

It’s called the ‘Cute Cat Formula.’ Marketers realized that most of the insanely popular viral videos were of cats. Don’t literally go out and film a cat, just realize there’s a lesson here CaptureOne Express.

If something is good enough for one person to watch over, and over, and over again – and still be entertained, your chances of that subject going viral skyrockets American Ozzy. And remember that entertainment doesn’t necessarily mean funny or good, it can be bad as well. Ask Rebecca Black.


2. Do The Leg Work By Putting Your Medium Out There

If you’re going to spend 3 months on a video and then only upload it to Youtube and that’s where your involvement ends – it’s NOT going to go viral.

You need to make finding and sharing your medium as easy as possible, by canvassing the internet with it. Upload to every video site. Promote it on every blog, micro-blog, social network and social bookmarking site you can. Connect it to a competition.

Ask people to send it to their friends. And please, please make the experience simple. It has to be easy to link to, or be compressed properly if it’s a video! Don’t put roadblocks up that will stunt your viral progress before it’s even happened. Promote your medium as a Twitter trending topic. Plan to succeed.

And finally, learn this one single truth – marketing content, videos, adverts, anything that tries to sell something will almost never go viral. You’re better off creating something relevant and incredibly entertaining, and then slapping your business logo at the beginning of the video.

What elements do you believe are 100% necessary for something to go viral? Let us know!

About John Souza

John Souza is founder and chief strategist of SMMU and Social Media Impact, and is a bestselling business author. He won the 2011 Tech Marketing Awards ‘Social Media Marketer of the Year’ and most recently the Reader’s Choice Award for Best Online Education Site. John has appeared on The Michael Gerber Show, and his business has been honored at the Mashable Awards, Forbes Business Awards and The Stevie Awards.

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