The Best Digital Marketing Certificates for Marketers

By on March 4, 2019

The world of Digital Marketing is one of the most competitive industries today. Every company or individual is trying to beat the other and create its own name in this market. It is hard for any company or individual to sustain without the marketing skills. So, how does an individual stand out? What makes a Digital Marketing Expert different from a Digital Marketing Enthusiast? Check some of the best digital marketing certificates which you can get which will also help you make a name for yourself.

Google Ads Certification

Search Advertising constitutes a Major Chunk of Digital Marketing. Any Major company has a reserved budget for Search Advertising which helps them gain more business instantly. Getting a Google Ads Certification ensures that you understand Google Ads and helps you stand out from other marketers. To get a Google Ads certificate, you need to clear Google Ads Fundamentals exam and Google Search Advertising assessment and score a minimum of 80% in both of those. The assessments usually lasts for 90 minutes and are easy to clear if you understand Google Ads really well. You can also clear Display advertising assessment to show your expertise in Display Advertising.

Facebook Blueprint

Unlike Google which has a lot of certificates for Marketers, Facebook Blueprint is the only officially recognized exam by Facebook. The Blueprint exam is a much more difficult than a standard Google exam. A proctor must watch you while you take that exam along with which its rigorously timed. To help marketers prepare for the exam, Facebook does share learning modules. Just like Google Ads, to receive a certificate, you need to clear two parts of the exam. However, unlike Google Ads examination, each part costs $150 to take. It is recommended that a student prepares for the exam for at least 6-7 months while having working experience of the software before attempting any part.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is something which comes in handy for any marketer linked with SEO, PPC, SMO, Email Marketing etc. It helps you keep a track of the visitors of your website, the country they were browsing from, the device they were using, etc. It helps you track conversions on your website from basic lead form fill ups to much advance e-commerce tracking. Being certified in Google Analytics proves your experience and expertise in website trackers. Unlike Facebook Blueprint, Google Analytics assessment doesn’t cost any money and can be completed without any rigorous rules. Analytics is something in which every Digital Marketing Expert should be proficient in.

Hubspot Content Marketing

“Content is the King”. You would have heard that statement a lot, but how can content marketing help businesses grow? This is exactly what this free certification of Hubspot covers. All marketers should possess the qualities of storytelling, content promotion, analysis, etc. and this assessment of Hubspot checks that. This certificate is the best certificate that you could receive for content marketing. Combine this with the skills of a Social Media Expert and you have the ability and skill to make content go Viral!

The Field of Marketing has loads of theories to study about. From Content Marketing to Search Marketing, From Email Marketing to Landing Page Designs. Everything a business does affects its Marketing either positively or negatively. However, to help you get better at Digital Marketing, we have shared a list of few certificates that’ll help you become a Digital Marketing Expert. So, get on your computer and get to work! Study Well!

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Anmol S Kohli is an Entrepreneur and a Digital Marketing Expert, certified from by a variety of marketing schools and companies, Anmol aims to help the world of business get more business and help make it easier to acquire clients. For a free consultation, email Kohli at [email protected]. Have a good one!

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