The Essential Guide to Using Social Media Icons for Your Blog

By on December 3, 2018

With the evolution of the internet, social media websites have become a prime aspect of almost every person’s life around the world. One of the many reasons is because you can easily stay in touch with your friends or family through social media, globally. Moreover, you can share your life events, photos, thoughts, talents, and work etc with everyone around the world 연차 양식.

As billions of social media users are available as an audience, bloggers have lately been sharing their blogs & articles on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. Moreover, these bloggers integrate social media sharing button in their blog sites to allow the readers to directly share posts with their friends and family on social media Download high definition on YouTube. Although you can download beautiful & eye-catchy icons from a reliable source of social media icons, you need to focus on the effective usage of these icons to convince the audience to share more of the posts.

How To Make The Best Use Social Media Icons?

Just placing the social media icons on your blog is not enough to get clicks and shares from the audience, you need to use these in the most effective and productive way dawn prayer music. To help you understand better, here are the top tips to get the best results from social media icons on your blog.

Right Placement

The foremost aspect to focus on while using these icons in your blog post is their placement i.e. positioning. You need to place these buttons at a position where the chances of getting clicked and shared are more. Placing these at the beginning of a post can often be a good decision as sometimes the readers don’t read the whole content and find the title convincing enough to share with friends Download the show. Don’t put these in between paragraphs, near navigation or on the sides of the post as it can affect the reader experience.

Size Matters

Another essential aspect that you need to keep in mind is the size of these buttons. While some people believe smaller size at the beginning or end of post offers better reader experience, others believe that a big sized button can often catch the site and can better convince the audience to click Android Studio sdk. Big size is surely the better choice as it mostly acts as a magnet for the audience to click on and thus, proves beneficial for your blogging site.


You can often download different types of designer buttons from any good source of social media icons and you can often get confused between using a classic design or a custom one. Classic designed icons are no doubt a great option for your blogging site as this provides a familiar feeling to the audience. On the other hand, customized designs can often be more attractive and interesting for the visitors and can convince them to click & share the content with their social media friends creo 학생용 다운로드.

Keep It Concise

 It is quite obvious that a blogger would love to get a lot of views and new visitors to their blogging site but this doesn’t mean that you should integrate & add every social media site icon present out there. Always target a few, selected social sites that can prove highly beneficial for your blog. This is because too many social sharing buttons can often hinder user experience and they end up not sharing to any of the websites 아이콘 대리 운전.

Share Counters

Share counter basically refers to displaying the number of times a post has been shared by the audience on respective social sites. This can often prove beneficial as well as disadvantageous to your blog. If the post gets a lot of shares, then it can often impress the audience and convince them to share more Visual Studio 2017 Community. But if the share count is really low, it can prove uninteresting to the users and push them away, so choose wisely.


CTA or call-to-action buttons can often encourage the audience to take profitable actions on your blogging site. For example, you can use CTAs like ‘share now’, ‘sharing is caring’, ‘spread the knowledge’ etc, along with your social site buttons to persuade the visitors to click & share more cannon draw.

Analyze & Adapt

Last but not least, you need to make sure to observe and analyze the performance of buttons at different positions, in variable sizes and diverse designs to find out the best option available for you.

That’s all!

These were the top tips to help you make the best use of social media icons on your blogging site 눈물로 다운로드. By following each of these, you can not only increase the number of post shares on your site but also attract a great number of new visitors. Social media can help your blog become globally popular if you make the right moves.

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