The Facebook Translation Feature For Business Purposes

By on November 4, 2011

The new Facebook translation tool was released in October, opening up a whole new range of possibilities for your business. Imagine reaching clients in different languages across the globe Non-download in the window! Suddenly, your sales potential has increased. So, how do you use the new translation tool for your business?

First – How To Use Translation Overall

Facebook has had the crowdsourced translation functionality for quite a few years now Download the pill virus. If you’ve never used them, now you can. This is especially useful for your Facebook apps and general page info. Fans from other countries are more likely to play, use your app or like your page, if it’s in their own language html csv 다운로드. Simple enough – just ask your developer to activate the translation tool.

Once the translation app is activated, static text and app text will appear translated on your page for users that prefer an alternative language Download Ruby Script. While app translation takes a bit more time for the developer – it’s worth the trouble Agust d. This is even more important if you have a social game app. Everyone loves to game, but one-language restrictions ruins the experience for non-English speakers 스타워즈 깨어난포스.

The New Translation Functionality

Soon, you’ll be able to translate any comment that appears on your Facebook page Oceans11. That means as non-English people read your translated posts and reply – you can do the same. This basically removes that pesky language barrier that has prevented people from all over the world communicating effectively on Facebook Download freeproxy.

The translate button will appear below comments, next to the like option mna. This translation will still harness the power of crowdsourcing, and fans can enter in more accurate versions as they browse your page. If it’s voted up enough times, that translation will replace the original 나를 구해줘 다운로드. This way, your page content will be so precise – it will be like reading English.

How You Can Use This To Expand Your Reach

Now that fans will be able to comment on your page in any language, you can begin to target new markets. If you see your foreign speaking demographic rising, you can invest in an ad campaign in that language to attract even more fans! Thanks to the translated comments function, you can also make connections with foreign businesses, or pages that aren’t in English.

Share, chat and communicate in groups across the world. This makes it possible for your business to become popular in foreign markets. Wouldn’t it be great if you find a whole new fan base there? It just means more income and greater reach. A truly global business doesn’t only concentrate on local markets. Broaden your sales funnel with this exciting new Facebook function.

Facebook has given your business the tools it needs to communicate beyond the confines of your own education. A simple click of a button, and new revenue streams will open up for you. To optimize your sales from Facebook, it will pay to use the translation tools. Grab a pen, and remember to include this in your new Facebook marketing strategy!

Have you used the Facebook translation tool? What do you think? Leave your great comment here.

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