The Hunger Game’s Guide to Video Blogging

By on October 12, 2016
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Marketing is a tough job. As you go further in this career path, you’ll realize that it’s not about eliminating competition, but overcoming it. You aim to be on top of everyone else in your game.

Like in Suzanne Collins’ popular novel and movie The Hunger Games trilogy, marketing intends to get people to believe in what you can do Download Windows 8 Update. There’s a lot to learn about how geniuses made the plain Katniss Everdeen get a lot trust from individuals. She went home as someone who started revolutionizing the world, and that is so much more than being a champion.

Now, how do you do that in the virtual world where attention spans are short and the reading levels are low? Smart marketers like you explore with infographics and videos ban changko movie. Video Blogging or Vlogging is by far one of the best ways for your audience to understand your content. However, uploading a video is not as easy as making one.

Here’s how to overcome your biggest problems on Vlogging, Hunger Games style:

Deciding on the Kind of Video I’m Gonna Come Up With

The people of Panem admired Katniss for being herself, so look for your strengths and take full advantage of them windows 7 ie9 다운로드. If you’ve got a funny bone, then do something comedic. If you want to get attention in an informative manner, then you might nail how-to types of videos. Our personalities are far more colorful than the rainbow so take the best things about yourself and run with them. The challenge here is to avoid being too basic or too identical to someone else adoration. You must have a unique selling proposition, or your Peeta Mellark, to make you more desirable.

Making Relatable Video Blogging Messages To Get Leads

Yes, the netizens like funny and informative videos online, but it takes a lot to convert them into Youtube subscribers. One trick is to feature your product and show them its benefits. It’s irresistible, a tease that learning your services will bridge them to get what they want Download Skyrim SaveFile.

It’s similar to the image of Katniss to the oppressed people of Panem. After knowing that you can stand up against abuse, the people used her to get the freedom they long wanted.

Avoiding a Rookie Image

Do you remember Cinna, the fashion designer who boosted Katniss and Peeta with flaming clothes 5 centimeters per second? That’s a sure-fire way to look like a feisty warrior. Like them, you don’t want to look like you lack experience and credibility in your videos. Perform as if you got the eye of the tiger and roar like the King of the Jungle.

To do this in real life, you must first invest in high-quality equipment Catia free. A small video production won’t require much. A 1080p camera, a clear microphone, and a small lighting kit are enough to shoot good videos. However, it would be a shame to look like a newbie to the business. Build sensible messages to go with your video. It’s what consumers want at the end of the day.

Controlling Light and Noise So Your Video Won’t Be Wasted

Poor lighting results in low quality shots 더많은 확장프로그램. At the same time, poor sound quality deteriorates a video. In this situation, your video ruined.

Controlling light and noise is a real challenge especially for those who film in home studios. Basically you need to eliminate external light and reduce noise in a place that’s not naturally quiet. Designers from Superdraft Pty 포플레이. Ltd. suggests that you add something that absorbs or completely blocks unnecessary elements that hinder you from achieving a good shot. For example, use shutters or thick drapes as window treatments because they block anything outside that interferes with your production. Carpets absorb sound as much as wool and velvet draperies too, hence it is an ideal type of flooring to use in home studios. This way, you get to film outside the quiet hours Hello Cocomont.

To Script Or Not To Script

In the movie Mockingjay, genius victor Beetee Latier and Haymitch Abernathy knows that Katniss finds it harder to express herself when she is coached, hence they made her talk without a script.

Some people are just gifted with impromptu speaking skills, they rarely memorize any scripts. The good thing about this is that everything looks natural. When you or your subject speaks in a conversational manner, the more you become engaging. So start building a speech with just a couple of short talking points and practice off-camera before filming.  Remember, you are the Katniss of your brand. When they don’t put words on your mouth, you become more persuasive. This also helps you develop a credible, fluid personality.

Editing the Video In A Way That’s Awesome

It’s ideal to spend one sleepless night editing great footage in one video than spending a long day filming scenes that won’t work. Therefore, master the basics of Video Blogging before incorporating branding introductions, call to actions, transitions, effects, and background music. You’ll be able to deal with this on your computer faster when you become a Vlog champ.

So Viva la Vlog and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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