The Impact of Social Media on Improving Corporate Culture

By on December 19, 2018

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Instagramming lunches, tweeting memes, and Facebooking office selfies, these are some of the most dreaded things that most companies fear will happen if the employees are allowed to use social media while at job. Despite of their hard efforts to contain the use of social media during work hours, there are some cheeky employees who flout the company policies.

According to a report from Talent Management, more than 75% of employees are reported to use social media while working. This figure projects a picture of how important the social media has become in the lives of people in the present day. While employers think that social media is a curse, there is evidence that it might be the complete opposite. Studies have found that social media usage in the work space can actually help in improving corporate culture.

Here are some ways in which social media in the workplace helps employees while improving the corporate culture:

1. It helps the employees take a mental break

Taking a mental break from work is something that every employee should be encouraged to do, and this is the number one reason why people use social media in the workplace. Many employers have already started to encourage their employees to take short breaks from work and allowed them to use social media in those breaks which, in fact, helps a great deal. Social media helps them take their focus away from work for a while and then relaxes them, which is a great relief for the employees when used responsibly.

2. Social media helps employees to make professional connections

Social media platforms can help your employees strengthen their professional relationships with the people outside the company. These relationships can be instrumental in providing opportunities that might not have been present in the absence of social media. Better connections lead to better sales, better business opportunities, interest in the employees, and the creation of new ideas. LinkedIn especially is a great platform to explore social media trends that can help your business and the employees in numerous ways.

3. Social media helps employees to ask questions and solve work problems

Surprisingly, social media can play an important role in helping employees to deal with a difficult work problem. If an employee has an issue or any problem that they cannot solve, then they can take help of social media as a solution. They can easily post a question on social media groups and can also expect to get several possible solutions to their issues. Even if none of the answers you get are full-proof, the information you get may help the employees get a new solution.

4. It helps to strengthen personal relationships with co-workers

Employees can use social media platforms to interact with other colleagues to build better relationships with them. Strong personal relationships among the employees help in creating productive work teams. Social media platforms provide an easy way to improve communication and share ideas with other employees which helps to build a brand through social media. Since social media platforms can be accessed from anywhere, employees can benefit from it in a great way.

Final Thoughts:

Social media platforms are growing rapidly and have undergone massive changes in the past few years. It has become an important part of the life for most of the people. This is why it is recommended that rather than barring your employees from using social media, encourage them to use it responsibly to improve productivity and the corporate culture.

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