The Main Threats to Cyber-Security in 2019

By on January 18, 2019

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IoT Botnets

Next year we will see how the world of APT is divided into two groups: the energetic newcomers who want to enter the market; and the professionals with more resources and knowledge Mongolian movie.

This second group poses a greater challenge for security companies, as they explore new techniques, and become more sophisticated, so they will be much more difficult to discover and attribute, according to Kaspersky Lab predictions for 2019 Download to become king.

The annual predictions of Kaspersky Lab are prepared by its team of experts and are based on both their experience and knowledge as well as the analysis of the previous year and information on predictions of targeted threats made by the Global Research and Analysis Team Download StarCraft Battlenet. The objective of this exercise is to help the different sectors connected to understand and, above all, to prepare for the threat scenario that they will face next year Download mysql 5.5.

No More Large APTs

Although the cyber-security industry has not stopped discovering very sophisticated operations sponsored by governments, the fact is that threat actors increasingly tend to be underground and their main objective is not to be discovered camcorder. With sufficient resources, they could diversify tools and practices, so that both detection and attribution are extremely difficult.

One of the most likely consequences of this new approach is the development of specialized tools to attack specific victims, compromising network hardware Download piranha movies. This will allow threat actors to focus their activities on discrete botnet networks or make more stealthy attacks on selected targets.

Other predictions on targeted threats for 2019 include:

  • Attacks on the supply chain are here to stay.This is one of the most worrisome attack vectors that have been successfully exploited over the past two years, which has put the issue of supplier safety on the table. In 2019 it will continue to be an effective vector of infection 오피스 2010 평가판.
  • The mobile malware remains. A significant number of threat actors include a mobile component in their campaigns, with the aim of helping to expand the list of potential victims. While there will be no major outbreak of malware targeting mobile devices, we will see constant activity and new ways to access victim devices Download the subtitles for the YouTube video.
  • IoT botnets will continue to grow at an unstoppable pace. It’s not the first year on the list, but it’s still very important: as botnets grow, it increases its power in the hands of cyber-criminals 컬투쇼 레전드 모음mp3.
  • In the near future, spear-phishing will be even more important. The data obtained in the different attacks against giants of social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedln or Twitter, are available in the market for anyone to buy. Recent large-scale data leaks from different social networking platforms could help attackers improve the success of this infection vector 코코 고화질.
  • New APTs make their appearance. While more advanced actors will apparently disappear from the radar, new players enter the scene. The entry has never been so easy with lots of effective tools available to cyber-criminals: redesigns of leaked vulnerabilities and all kinds of publicly available schemes for anyone to use. There are two regions in the world where these types of groups are increasingly frequent: Southeast Asia and the Near East.
  • Public reprisals will reshape the industry. Investigations into the major attacks suffered by Sony Entertainment the National Committee of the Democratic Party of the USA, have led the publication of threat actors to a new level in which it can have relevant diplomatic consequences.

“In 2018, public exposure has grown and the investigations of experts and analysts have uncovered large operations. This change in the paradigm has led sophisticated threat actors to seek silent silence in their attacks to increase the likelihood of success. This change makes the discovery of new operations, large scale and sophisticated, very complex and will make detection and attribution have to take a leap to the next level, “ – Vicente Diaz, Security Analyst at Kaspersky Lab.

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