Tips for Writing Effective Marketing Publications

By on August 9, 2017

The amounts of marketing content a contemporary Internet user faces every day is overwhelming. There’s no surprise that a lot of it never finds its reader. Some of the marketing content is simply not effective enough. Here are five things you shouldn’t do to create winning marketing publications.

 #1 Don’t Be Annoying

‘Sugary’ texts seem annoying to the majority of readers, and many people won’t read them from the beginning to the end Download Nicodong mp3. A lot of content goes like this: “We worked night and day to create this super product, which is VERY different from anything you’ve seen before! We created this product for you and only for you, and we almost cried when we saw what a miracle we made!”

 It is peculiar that sites that post this still work, but they are not as successful as other resources. The reason for this is that writers who create these texts fail to realize that that no one really believes them. Today, even kids know what advertising is and how it works 신세계 앱피스. If people buy this product anyway, you can’t get credit for it. They’ve probably heard about it from other sources. Another way to irritate your reader is to touch upon personal issues: relationships between parents and children, acute problems (ecology, wars, social issues), etc. Most readers will consider your attempts to sell something using their deep emotions unethical.

 #2 Don’t Criticize Your Rivals

Another ethical issue is how to show that the company you are writing for is better than others. First of all, the one who has an advantage never shows off, as it looks cheap. Secondly, how can you care about your clients, if you don’t even care about your reputation when you’re stooping to criticizing others 파워볼 분석기? And finally, don’t you think that mentioning others will make your readers more interested in them than in you?

 #3 Don’t Lie

You can’t claim that ‘we are the best of the best of the best’ anymore. It worked a decade ago. Now, everybody wants to get the credible information they can process and compare. Don’t make a fool of your reader!

 Some writers go further and start lying like a rug. Never mind that obvious lies outrage readers. Who will believe that quick-cooking noodles are really good for your health? Of course, the bitter truth won’t work either 오 마이 비너스. Don’t write “This is not the best product, because… But it is still cheap”. In the case of noodles, for example, consider what will convince a person buy it. Is it convenient? Yes. Is it tasty? Yes. So, why not enumerate real benefits? A contemporary buyer is sick and tired of being tricked. You’ll be a much more successful content writer if you make the truth work for you.

 #4 Don’t Humiliate You Reader

If you want to do so, you should comment on YouTube videos, but not write marketing content download gHub. Here what you are not to write (or mean):

  • “Don’t speak foreign languages? Aren’t you ashamed? Everybody does! Visit our website!”
  • “Aren’t you tired of being so fat and clumsy? Come to our gym!”
  • “Do you still wash your dishes with your bare hands! That’s so stupid! You are just like a Neanderthal! Stop doing it! Buy our dishwasher.”

 Indeed,  there are cases in the history of marketing, when such attitude actually worked. The American Marketing Association proves that making people angry makes the content viral 레바의모험 파이널 버그판 다운로드. But to make it work a person saying mean things to the audience has to be very charismatic. Achieving this effect through the text is hard. Today, it can probably work in blogs created by the only one person who has a certain reputation. Writing something like this for a commercial website is probably not the best idea. 

 #5 Don’t Write for Everybody

It is really important to find the right balance between making a potential client or buyer feel special and lying that he or she is really the only one you are addressing, as described above. That is why it is really important to select your target audience and to find something that matters to the whole group. Don’t say “Other housewives will be so jealous if you have our vacuum cleaner.” Instead, claim that this vacuum cleaner is helpful for a housewife “like you.”

 If writing marketing publications seem terrifying to you after all these don’ts, we’ got a number of tips how to do it easily 아이언맨1 한글자막.

 Tell a Story

As we’ve discovered above, overly emotional stories are not the best option. Your story is to be touching and, above all, engaging. Besides, it has to be closely connected to the product.

 Be Laconic and Informative

Empty words are not interesting. Cliches don’t only include set phases. Some ideas can be cliched as well. Avoid unoriginal statements.

Besides, your text should contain enough information about the product to make the reader eager to buy it Download my video on YouTube. But enough is enough, as they say. Don’t overload your content with too many technical details and instructions.

 Suggest an Opinion


If you know how to write a review paper, it will be much easier for you to write a marketing publication. You can arrange your text to make your readers understand that your words are not the universal truth, but some conclusions you’ve drawn. The main point is to make them interested in trying whatever you are talking about. They can agree or disagree, but they won’t feel cheated.

 Let Them Scan It

There are different rules for creating literature and marketing masterpieces autocad 2018. A piece of marketing content is a selling tool. So, it is not obligatory for your audience to swallow each word. If it is essential to you, write a novel! You’ll have to hire a content writer to sell it, though.

 If you want to write good content yourself, break your text into short paragraphs. Use subheadings, bullet points, pictures, graphs, etc.

 Finally, it is great to make your audience feel that the product you are advertising is backed up by a group of professionals who care about what they do 3d max 2017 vray. Your text shouldn’t get absurd, like caring about animals in the company selling meat. Show the best sides of your company in an appropriate, trustworthy way.

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