Top 10 Enterprise Video Content Management Systems

By on September 10, 2018

According to HubSpot, the average Internet user spends one-third of their time watching videos. By 2019, video will claim more than 80 % of web traffic. With this pace and advancement in technology, 51% of the marketing professionals consider video as the best type of content for desired ROI.

By the end of 2018, you may want to leverage videos for marketing, as more businesses are doing today. What used to be future tech is now a reality and it is setting a stage for the future of internet marketing.

It is not just video marketing, but supporting tools like Enterprise video content management systems that are also becoming more popular with companies Download slick. To manage the massive production of video, businesses primarily used these tools for workflow management. However, when needs grew bigger, operations such as sharing and distribution of video also saw their incorporation in the later parts.

What are enterprise video content management systems?

When businesses produce videos for internal and external uses, they cannot be random in their approach. Enterprise video content management systems (CMS), by giving a professional methodology, help businesses to organize, modify, share, and distribute the produced videos on different platforms.

Simply, a video CMS provides a central location from where you can perform everything that is required to utilize the content for different purposes. Here are few essential aspects you would want to consider when looking for a good enterprise video content management system –

  • Editing tools or seamless integration with popular video editing platforms Download Springboot Excel.
  • Encoding and decoding of videos into different formats.
  • Storage, organization, sharing, and distribution of the contents internally and externally.
  • Ability to assign individual tasks related each video content.
  • Necessary features for managing search engine optimization.
  • Publishing or streaming of videos on appropriate platforms.
  • Ability to trace video monetization across different platforms.
  • Integration with popular analytic tool like Google analytics.

10 Enterprise video content management systems to checkout

  1. Vidizmo

Vidizmo provides businesses with all necessary features that are required to manage on-demand and live video streaming. It has adequate abilities to store and distribute videos across different platforms. Serving as a highly secure and powerful tool for content labelling and branding, it can effectively manage all kinds of digital media assets of your company.

Standout features:

  • Instant uploading of videos and other digital assets in bulk 검사 외전 다운로드.
  • Ability to link your digital contents with other external sources.
  • Ability to share the content both internally and externally.
  • API syndication and Social syndication for high video rendering quality.
  1. Ooyala

Ooyala provides a personalized video content management with sharper and quicker delivery across numerous platforms. Its cutting-edge implementation helps in managing, curating, publishing, and monetizing the videos with great ease. Additionally, this video CMS can also perform advance tasks like video file management, video workflow management, and video database management.

Standout features:

  • Performs automated video publishing and syndication.
  • Shared Workflow for easy management and distribution of contents.
  • Multiple monetization channels like advertising, subscription, and transaction 휴대폰 문자.
  • Ability to trace performance and monetization across different platforms.
  • Features to customize viewing experience on HTML5, iOS and Android devices.
  1. Genus Technologies

Genus Technologies offers a multi-dimensional video content management system for all your digital contents: videos, audio, images, and documents. The unified enterprise content management system gives a central control over all your digital media assets. As they are certified partners of IBM and Kofax, you will find a smoother implementation of digital asset management (DAM) and media asset management (MAM) for sharing contents across different departments, channels, and geographies.

Standout features:

  • Central management system for all types of digital media contents.
  • Smoother handling of live streaming and video on-demand using MAM.
  • Automated streamlining of workflow according to custom requirements 레지스탁스 다운로드.
  • Higher affinity to popular ERPs like IBM and Kofax CMS.
  1. Qumu

Qumu is a leader in best-in-class video technology for the enterprises. Its enterprise video CMS offers unified solutions for communications, social media integration, and content delivery on both internal and external platforms. Being a popular CMS, Qumu offers smooth integration with third-party platforms like MS SharePoint, Yammer, Jive, and IBM Connections.

Standout features:

  • Smooth integration with well-known platforms like SharePoint, IBM, and Skype for business.
  • Mobile friendly UI for smoother user experience.
  • Integrated with advance video editing tools.
  • Security and access control for privacy and data protection.
  • Automated workflow for error-free and speedier task management.
  1. Brainshark

Brainshark is a powerful CMS-cum-ERP tool for sales related content creation and management 윈도우 10 시작화면. It equips business with training, coaching, and authoring abilities, and gives them the ability to transform PDFs, PPTs, videos, and webpages into more fruitful and compelling sales copies. Moreover, the automated workflow and process tracking make all the activities traceable and unambiguous to the managers.

Standout features:

  • Supports CRM integration for popular platforms.
  • Ability to create and share training materials in different formats.
  • Creates mobile friendly contents with great ease.
  • Supports live chat and video conferencing.
  • Integrated tools for conducting polls, surveys, and quizzes.
  • Specializes in sales oriented content creation in multiple languages.
  1. Vidyard

Vidyard is a powerful video CMS that specializes in conducting live video streaming from anywhere. It also supports live streaming across different social media channels, giving them a larger audience to connect. The most compelling element is its individual level-analytics, which facilitates a closer look on each of the prospects Jingle Belllock. Based on how your prospects are engaging with the videos, you can effectively use the analysed information for targeted marketing.

 Standout features:

  • Ability to split-test up to eight images at a time.
  • Add lead capture forms and calls-to-action directly to your video.
  • Trim-off videos on the go to keep only the relevant part.
  • Customize videos to turn them into a lead generation tool.
  • Measure the video performance using inbuilt analytics.
  1. MediaPlatform

MediaPlatform is an exceptional enterprise video content management system with advance search functionalities and seamless integration with MS SharePoint, Yammer, and Jive. It also possesses a high affinity to go with corporate tools like Skype for business and Cisco Webex, proving a great host for all kinds of digital assets in your organization.

Standout features:

  • Inbuilt video editing, screen recording, and webcast tools download 2.
  • Optimized UI for mobile platform like Android, iOS and Windows.
  • Ranking system, categorization, and ratings feature to classify the videos.
  • Supports cloud and SaaS content delivery model.
  • Easy End-User Media Upload with Automated Transcoding.
  1. Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a complete package that offers video CMS and ERP solutions for any scale of business. With higher affinity to modules and developmental upgradations, it can seamlessly incorporate custom webapps for additional functionalities. The workflow management works exceptionally in working out the contents like email messages, marketing materials, contracts, pitches, client presentations, spreadsheets, text files, PDFs, Images, videos, forms, invoices, and even the resumes from job applicants.

Standout features:

  • Gives a central repository for all range of content types.
  • Automatic workflow management.
  • Content and workflow sharing within and outside the organization.
  • Access control management for added security and privacy 파이어 알파카.
  • Ability to manage and organize contents throughout their life cycle.
  • Version control system for managing updates and upgrades in the contents.
  • Supports custom third-party webapps for customized features.
  1. IBM –UStream

UStream, an IBM owned enterprise video content management system, comes as a solution with AI and machine learning capabilities. Implementation like Watson captioning makes speech to text conversion instant. It also comes with the distinguished and trending OTT experiences for allowing a pay-per-view over-the-top model of service.

Standout features:

  • AI and machine learning capabilities.
  • Watson captioning for speech to text conversion
  • Ability to monitor multiple channel and streams at the same time.
  • Supports multi-bitrate transcoding in the cloud 빛이 되어라 다운로드.
  • Saves videos on a separate cloud account.
  • Can share your stream on Facebook and Twitter on the move.
  1. StreamTube

StreamTube is an all-in-one solution that serves both as a video CMS and as a scalable video sharing library. It is a turnkey solution to start a custom video sharing platform with features identical to YouTube. With an ability to share the video contents across the internet, the StreamHash-owned product is designed to handle large volume of data on a daily basis. StreamTube provides a perfect YouTube clone script that is customizable from both the design and video formatting angle.

Standout features:

  • Channel creation and subscription model like YouTube.
  • Video Monetization through Ads integration.
  • Dynamic and mobile friendly UI for admin and users.
  • SEO friendly architecture.
  • Supports multiple video formats and transcoding.
  • Options to flag or report users and activities.
  • Supports online transactions through PayPal payment gateway.
  • Built-in analytics for tracking video performance.
  • Provides native Android and iOS apps.

Now is a good time to utilize the excellent marketing opportunities that videos have to offer. For any scale of business, there are various turnkey solutions to manage the video contents. I hope that one or all of the mentioned tools will serve your purpose to the fullest.

How do you manage the video contents in your organization? Please share with our readers; we would love to learn about it.

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