Top 10 Questions About Facebook Pages Answered

By on July 8, 2011

As a small business online, you naturally have a lot of questions about Facebook, before, during – even after you’ve launched a Facebook campaign. So here are the top 10 questions that people ask us most often, answered for your convenience!

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Q1: Do I Need To Start a New Profile For My Business 19 downloads of Bad Detective?

No – Facebook lets you keep your personal and professional pages quite separate, even though they are linked to the same account. Simply create a business page from your personal profile.


Q2: Is it Better To Have a Facebook Page or a Group?

The answer is both. You need a Facebook page to build a community, for brand visibility, authority and credibility on the platform Download The Mighty Byung-Hun. Your page is your Facebook presence. A group is needed to segment your audience after they’ve liked your page. Divide your community into groups for targeted niche discussions, Q&A’s, promotions and client meetings.


Q3: Do I Really Need a Custom Fanpage?

Yes, you are competing with hundreds of other businesses in your market, and you need a way to differentiate yourself from them 디태치먼트. A custom fanpage shows off your business identity, personality and style – and is one of the most important steps when setting up a new Facebook business page.


Q4: How Do I Get More Fans To Like My Page?

There are many ways to do this. A welcome app is important, but so is creating excellent, engaging content on a daily basis word smart mp3 다운로드. You can connect with other businesses on Facebook, and draw fans from there. Facebook ads are a great way to gain likes, and so is cross promotion on your other social media pages. This is why you need a content strategy – and a way to measure how your updates perform.


Q5: How Do I Get My Fans To Interact With My Page SkipTrace?

By coming up with more interactive content, and posting it regularly. Video, images, discussions, questions and apps give your fans a reason to interact. You should also be aiming for comments, not simply likes and once of clicks. This is why Facebook edgerank is important, and why you need to learn to overcome it Summer Boriul.


Q6: How Often Should I Post Fresh Content?

You should be posting at least one new update every day. This can be content you’ve sourced from other authority sites, or content you’ve created that you want to syndicate to your Facebook community. The key is to keep the conversation going, which means giving your fans something to talk about.


Q7: Which Apps Should I Integrate into My Page 구글 웹 디자이너 다운로드?

There are literally thousands of apps to choose from on Facebook. The best apps however, are custom made for your business by an app development company. You can choose from quizzes, trivia, social games, contests, utility and promotional apps – the sky’s the limit. In the meantime, use a Facebook gateway app like Wildfire or iWapa, to add a mini-website to your page gx works.


Q8: When is The Best Time To Post Interactive Content on Facebook?

Experts differ on this, but the most common answer is at 8am in the morning on weekdays, especially on Wednesday and Friday. You shouldn’t be too concerned about when you post however, as long as you’re posting daily.


Q9: How Am I Going To Manage All of This Content Mod apk free?

There are dashboards you can use to queue up and pre-schedule posts, links and updates on your Facebook page. The most popular are Hootsuite, TweetDeck and Seesmic. They’re easy to use, and free up more of your time to respond to your community replies. The best solution is to hire a social media marketing company to create, manage and track your posts sns 아이콘 다운로드.


Q10: How Do I Keep Spam Off My Page?

Facebook management is also about monitoring your page. When you see a spam update – block this user from accessing your page and delete the update. If you get a sudden influx of spam, you might want to report it to the acebook admin.

Do you have any questions about Facebook pages? Ask them below, and we’ll do our best to answer all of them!

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