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By on December 10, 2013
wordpress seo packages

Which WordPress SEO package choices are best for your blog strategy going into 2014? That was the question knocking around the SMI offices today. I have personally used several of these, and have a fairly good idea which ones are keeping up with the galloping pace of the changing SEO landscape. Let’s take a closer look!

Bloggers that use WordPress should know how to install their own plugins. They should also know that plugins can significantly improve the way that they create and publish posts.

Why Choose The Best WordPress Plugin Package For SEO?

SEO changes all the time. As a blogger you can’t expect to choose a plugin, sit back and let it do all the work for you, forever. I would suggest an audit of your SEO plugins at least once every six months. If they control your SEO, and they are wrong – you are losing traffic!

Here are the top 3 WordPress SEO package choices from SMI and SMMU:

#1: WordPress SEO By Yoast

wordpress seo packages

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You have to admit, getting the basics right is important. That is why we suggest using WordPress SEO by Yoast, because we use it, and love it. Huge sites like Mashable and TheNextWeb use it for the same reasons we do – it works.

The best feature in this WordPress SEO package option is the ability to add meta data that is in sync with your keyword term. The plugin checks that your terms are in the right places, and it will urge you to move them if they aren’t.

There are also tweaks in the advanced area that really make a difference to the ranking of your pages. WordPress might give Yoast 4.7 out of 5, but it’s all 5 stars to us.

#2: SEOPressor

wordpress seo packages

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A popular choice for bloggers, SEOPressor gives you the power to streamline your posts for SEO without any trouble at all. It will also help you find long tail keywords, which are very, very important to your 2014 social media strategy.

It also helps you construct internal and external link networks, which is helpful when Google crawls your site. The only criticism is that, like all plugins – it can be buggy. The auto link feature often bugs out, and sometimes the keyword suggestions don’t make much sense!

All in all, we give the SEOPressor plugin 4.8 out of 5. It’s great to use if you are looking for a lazy way to optimize your posts.

#3: InboundWriter

wordpress seo packages

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A few years ago InboundWriter was my favorite plugin, and it is still right up there when it comes to SEO. As a WordPress SEO package choice, it is in-line with Yoast in terms of power and usability. Plus, much like Jay Baer – I have noticed steady increases in post traffic and conversions when using this handy little plugin.

Even though InboundWriter is a paid tool, it is well worth using. It provides you with on-page analytics that you can use, together with giving you clear directions on how to effectively and easily optimize your content for the search engines.

I would suggest using either InboundWriter or SEOpressor in conjunction with the Yoast SEO plugin for best results. More organic traffic is never a bad thing for bloggers!

Have you heard of any WordPress plugins for SEO that we might find useful?

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