Our Top 5 Twitter Business Accounts of 2012

By on February 18, 2013

A Twitter business account is a priceless commodity, when you own a small business. The more followers you have the more influence you have, and this means better sales 청문회. But what about the best of the best? Which accounts really blew us away last year? Today I review SMMU’s top 5 Twitter business accounts – follow them 포니프로그!

Top 5 Twitter Business Accounts

1. Richard Branson @richardbranson

A business man that needs no introduction, Richard Branson of Virgin fame has a Twitter business account that outshines most other company accounts 세븐나이츠. Known for his engaging social interaction, Richard is the king of conversation on these platforms. Gain access to awesome business tips, and exclusive photos and videos on his page arial 폰트 다운로드.

With 2.9 million followers, this is clearly one of the best Twitter accounts online today. Engage with Richard using the #askrichard hashtag or gain insight into the world of big business with his great links and tips Domino's Pizza.

2. Guy Kawasaki @guykawasaki

If you’ve never heard of him – Guy Kawasaki is most famous for being one of the original Apple marketers, and for helping to found Alltop, the online magazine rack 인턴 한글자막. He’s also written several bestsellers on online business and is full of nuggets of information. His Twitter business account is busy and popular.

With 1.2 million followers and a decent Twitter marketing strategy, Guy uses video, images and news aggregation to keep his account active Free download of Korean books. To date he’s published over 110k tweets and likes to automate his Twitter account to find Twitter followers.

3. Anita Campbell @smallbiztrends

Voted as one of Forbe’s Top Influential Woman For Entrepreneurs, Anita Campbell is also the CEO of Bizsugar and a vibrant tweeter Android webpage. Her Twitter business account is maintained daily with fresh, relevant news and she posts some very interesting opinions and links. Anita also takes advantage of the media functions, and uploads exclusive images here black out.

With a respectable 92k followers to only 16k tweets, you could learn a thing or two from this Twitter business account. Pay special attention to how she reports instead of selling Correldraw x5 Korean edition. This leaves it up to the fan to decide whether to click or not.

4. Steve Case @stevecase

Steve Case is the founder of AOL and a business powerhouse. Even though his Twitter business page is simple and stock standard, his INFORMATION is what matters. Get up to date news on his page and interesting tips, tricks and opinions on the business world.

With an impressive 568k followers to only 15k tweets, Steve utilizes the Twitter business functionality for images – with a fair sized image gallery on his profile. All in all, it’s a straight laced, no-frills account that focuses on the content to work.

5. Tony Robbins @tonyrobbins

Tony Robbins makes the Twitter business list because of his elegant profile. Of all of the accounts here, Tony understands the importance of branding and dynamic design. Look at his superb use of the background image, his videos and images as well. He uses his Twitter page to inspire business people, AND to chat to them – often retweeting and sharing.

With 2.2 million followers to 3,577 tweets, this is an excellent Twitter business account to follow for any business owner.

That’s it! Our top 5 list of Twitter business accounts that we love. You should follow them immediately to stay inspired, and to learn how to use your own account properly!

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Which Twitter business accounts do you enjoy? Leave the handle here and tell me why!

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