Top 5 Actionable Social Media Analytics Metrics

By on June 23, 2011

As a social media marketer, you spend hours every day tracking metrics from your social sites. You then sift through all the data to uncover figures that you can use to improve each page CaptureOne Express. But with so many ways to track, and so many metrics to analyze – how do you know which ones are the most important?

The entire point of tracking and measuring social metrics, is so that you can take action, that will then turn into quantifiable results American Ozzy. To help you do this, we have targeted the top 5 social media analytics metrics that you need to pay attention to the most. This is how you get results Windows 10 official!

#1: Fan Growth and Activity

It’s important to keep the bigger picture in mind, and tracking your growth/activity rate on any given social site does this for you Germany Korea. Each platform should experience a steady expansion of fans on a monthly basis, or according to where you have focused your efforts. Use Facebook Insights and Twittercounter to gather daily and monthly information that you can use to strengthen each campaign 아이폰 재.

Action! Capitalize on where your audience hangs out most and boost product sales with focused single platform marketing.

#2: Fan Search

When you track what your fans are searching for on your social media pages – you learn to understand them better Chuno ost. Knowing what they want to see, buy or read will result in streamlined advertising and marketing. Search includes measuring where your fans click and what they click on Beast Shadow. Do they love your video presentations? Doing more of them, will lead to a calculable sales increase.

Action! Create more marketing or content material based on what your fans want Download KakaoTalk pc Mac. Use their actions to guide the launch of your next SMM pursuit.

#3: Fan Bounce Rate

Finding holes in your social media campaign, means constantly collecting data on where your fans leave your pages, or how long they remain there Download Xenonia 4. Then you’ll be able to narrow in on why, if a pattern recurs. Which pages do they stay on the longest? Which need more work or improved content/interactivity wget.exe? You can only take action to change these things, if you are tracking your fan bounce rate on each social site.

Action! Redraft, update or add to pages that are lacking, and that are prompting your fans to click away.

#4: Website Click Throughs

It’s nice to have a social media community, but it all means nothing if you aren’t making money. Track what type of content or media makes your fans click through to your website. If they can’t get to your website, then they can’t buy anything. Click throughs make the top 5 because you should never stop analyzing why your fans are, or aren’t making it on to your website.

Action! Find out what makes readers click, and create more of it. Videos, images, podcasts – even a certain type of article, targeted well will make you more money.

#5: Brand Visibility

The final metric you need to track and use is your brand visibility. Without it, your sites won’t grow and your sales will become stagnant. Find out where your brand is being discussed, and target those places. If you aren’t visible enough on certain up and coming platforms – you’ll be able to see that.

Action! Add quality content where your brand name pops up, whether it’s a comment, an article, a discussion or hostile keyword takeover.

Each of these social media analytics metrics will help you stay on the road to success. Use the data you find to make real changes in these areas for a boost in sales! After all, that’s what it’s all about.

Which actionable analytics metrics do you think are the most crucial to social media success? Leave us your comment below right now!

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