Top Facts and Statistics About Students

By on August 19, 2019

Students have always been the most active part of society. They were the ones who readily accepted changes and drove progress and development. Learners are usually the first to volunteer and promote ideas they truly believe in. Moreover, many students literally changed the world with their inventions and suggestions.

The role of students and their power in society are immense Download the Twitter tweet. They catalyze changes and adapt technologies, fight against injustice while being the first to react to global trends.

Here are some interesting facts and statistics on students:

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Business Prevails

Students seek for an opportunity to earn more in the future. Thus, if understanding Math, they choose Business Analysis or Financial Modelling rather than graduating with a degree in Math itself. Every year the global labor market welcomes 20 times more business specialists than math scientists 가족관계증명서 다운로드.

Work-Life Balance

Students try to balance their work and education. Almost 23% of undergraduate students work 20 or more hours per week. It is hard, but this is the only way to land a good job after graduation sheetjs 다운로드. The competition gets tough, and learners use every opportunity to beat their peers.

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Education in the U.S.

America is not the leading nation in terms of numbers of people holding degrees. Even though it has several prominent universities, only one-third of Americans have a Bachelor’s degree muzhiwan 다운로드. The best performing states are those that are located on the East and West coasts. The increase in the number of high school graduates does not reflect on the statistics on undergraduate students.

Students Seek Cultural Understanding

The global trend is that students find it essential to understand different cultures and religions mpeg4 다운로드. They believe this is the way to seek mutual understanding. Moreover, they even place it ahead of math skills and writing skills.

Cultural diversity in the campus, combined with in-depth and comprehensive research on the old-rooted differences in the world’s largest religions, can really provide a basis for consensus. Over 60% of students participating in the survey admitted it.

9 out of 10 Students Are Aware that Jobs Become International

Students no longer prepare themselves for working in one country download mbc vod. They consider an opportunity to work abroad and learn more about different cultures.

Thus, learners are open to job postings that require business travel or even relocation. Those who work in their native countries usually interact with foreigners or complete specific tasks online.

Students Learn Asian Languages

Watching how Asian Tigers perform in the global economy, many students decided to learn languages of the countries showing the fastest growth Return to base. In the end, 1 billion people speak Chinese, while English is spoken by 500 million only. The demand for Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, and other Eastern languages has largely increased.

Students see this trend as an extra opportunity to gain a competitive advantage and secure a more profit-earning position in the global labor market 마이크로소프트 소프트웨어 다운로드. However, all Eastern nations strive to learn English on the near-native level to conduct business internationally.

Social Media Impact

Students spend more time than ever on social media. This actually reflects on their success rate since they are unable to balance their studying time and leisure time. The official and confirmed number of hours students spend online are at least 6 per day Download Trinity. In some cases, it goes up to 10.

Housing Issue

Previous generations of students did not pay much attention to the housing issue. They entered university and sought options that were optimal in terms of payment. Modern students choose universities that are closer to their home since they are planning to stay with their families during the education period Bad Genius.

Testing Technologies

Education is on track to changing the testing system and transferring it into a fully digital one. 2016 was the first year when more testing was delivered via technology rather than on paper. This trend continues now since technologies are expected to replace any other means during the exams and tests.

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Final Words

Education is undergoing significant changes that are called by technologies, current political situation, globalization, and other factors. This cannot but reflect on students who strive to adapt to the new learning environment. A college and university degree is no longer a privilege; it is a must.

Thus, students agree to everything that comes with education, including extra work and loans, to get a chance for a better future. They have a different motivation, but most see education as a pathway to a better job, stable income, and professional development.

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