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By on October 13, 2009

This is one of many posts in our “Niche Social Networking  Sites” series, highlighting some of the lesser-known social media sites online.  A solid social media strategy will often incorporate presence on both well-known, and lesser-known social networking sites.  Whether you have a business in this a particular field, are interested in something new, or could use some of the tools provided by a niche site, we aim to provide a sampling of what’s out there.  Got a community you’re involved in that excites you?  Let us know about it Download The Simpsons!

This installment of Niche Social Networking Sites showcases a few travel sites that captured our attention.  If you’re in the travel business and have travel articles or advice to share, or are just plain addicted to traveling, then check out what we’ve rounded up for you 윈도우10 엔터프라이즈!


For “smart international travelers” Dopplr allows you to share plans (privately) with those in your network, as well as exchange tips and advice about the cities you’ve visited.  Think of it as your “Social Atlas.”

WAYN (Where Are You Now?)

A lifestyle and travel social networking site with members all over the world.  Users make connections based on “where you are now, where have you been, and where you are going.”


A travel site focusing on ‘cultural immersion and positive global development.’ Users upload their travel photos, contribute articles on travel writing and so much more Free download of Korean books.


Find friends, share photos and thoughts, and get travel advice fpga 다운로드. Travellerspoint is dedicated to “nurturing travel addictions.”

Got a site you’d love to share with us?  Leave a comment!

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