The Trends in Video Marketing 2018

By on January 2, 2018

META: Millions of people are watching videos each day making video one of the most effective marketing tool. Catch up with the trends in video marketing in 2018 to stay on track.


In recent years, traditional marketing campaigns have been showing its weak points and have not been as effective as before. In fact, more and more people are using videos as their strategic marketing tool.

Video marketing is not something new, but it is currently dominating marketing world 앱인벤터2. According to statistics, video content accounts for about 74% of all online traffic in 2017. Even email subject lines that contain the keyword “video” witnessed a 19% increase in open rates and increased click volume up to 65%.

This is understandable because when compared to other marketing tools, the video has many highlights. Videos can deliver the same content but with better emotion effects to the user. Besides, the video can quickly spread. An elaborate video can efficiently grab people’s attention and quickly becomes a phenomenon.

Most buyers are interested in buying a product after watching commercial videos of the product itself 피터래빗 더빙판. They are completely convinced by video content. So in order to become successful in the coming years, follow The Trends In Video Marketing 2018 to get a broader perspective.

The Trends in Video Marketing 2018

  • Video Marketing’s Headquarter is the Social Media

If you still think that the only place where you can upload videos is YouTube. Or sometimes it’s an online newspaper; you’re wrong. Try to answer this question: How can videos become viral when users have to visit different websites to view them Imaginary?

Thus, uploading your videos to Social Media has become a viable solution to target the audience instead of uploading it to the traditional media. Based on user behaviors, social media platforms use algorithms to suggest content that users prefer. As a result, the views of these videos will increase and grab people’s attention.

Facebook is a good example. As we all know, Facebook allows video to always play on the newsfeed of the user. So, although no intention of watching videos, users still see videos that Facebook wants them to see 천년전쟁 아이기스.

  • Live Streaming Videos

With the launch of Facebook Live in 2016, Live Video has quickly become one of the most popular video formats. This type of video has quickly become the most significant social trend of 2016, and it has no sign of stopping.

Not only Facebook supports Live Videos, but also other popular social networking sites. Those names including Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and even YouTube also support Live Videos. On average, a live video is viewed three times as much as regular video 파이어폭스 m3u8. This shows that Livestreaming Videos have a tremendous impact on the audience and you need to make the most of it.

In addition to having a large number of views, Live Videos has the rate of people engagement that is much higher than other marketing tools. This is because Live Videos allow social network users to receive notifications and interact with the publishers in real-time.

  • Sponsored Videos

Sponsored or paid videos are expected to hit record highs in 2018. Statistics also show that by 2020, online video ads will account for more than 80% of consumer internet traffic.

Currently, many websites or social media platforms encourage their users to use paid videos instead of using the text ads root explorer apk 다운로드. Take Facebook as an example; Video ads are among the most powerful ad formats for generating user engagement.

You should also note a few points when using paid videos to achieve the best results. Besides investing in video content, you also need to choose a video thumbnail picture that is engaging enough to attract users. Also, most videos are viewed without sound. So be creative with captioning.

  • Square shaped videos

There is a massive shift going on in video marketing Download Transformers 2. This is the transition from horizontal video to square video. The main reason for this is that the number of people who access the internet from mobile devices is increasing rapidly.

Social networking is the place to witness a significant increase in square shaped videos. The fact is that access to social networking sites comes mostly from phones or tablets. If you use traditional video, it will be hard for users to notice because the display size will be smaller. Square shaped videos appear as a perfect solution 대성스카이프.

This particular type of video is gaining huge popularity in recent years and become a new standard for social videos. If you want to produce viral videos in 2018, follow this trend will ensure you tremendous success.

  • 360 Videos

2017 witnessed the phenomenal growth of 360-degree video. The current trend is watching videos through a web browser and social applications. But by 2018, things will change.

The following year is expected to be a boom in the VR market. Users have a lot of choices coming from big names like Google (Daydream), Samsung (Gear VR) or HTC (Vive) Baidu material. Also, a series of affordable VR devices will enter the game, so the number of people accessing this device will increase rapidly. Subsequently, the development of VR technology will inevitably lead to the growth of 360-degree videos. Users can easily watch the videos on the VR headsets.

Comes with that popularity, the quality of the video will also improve. Facebook and YouTube have also recently introduced 4K videos that promise a great user experience.


The marketing world is constantly changing to meet the new demands of the times 두콩 스타크래프트. And to be successful with video marketing, you always need to be updated with the new trends. Being stuck with outdated flows will easily leave you behind.

Thank you for reading my The Trends In Video Marketing 2018 article. I hope the information above will help you determine your own strategy in 2018. See you next time!

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