Twitter Slaps UberMedia On The Wrist: TweetDeck is Ours!

By on May 4, 2011

You probably know all about Tweetdeck already, because you use it all the time. It’s certainly one of the best social media desktop applications currently open to the public 던전키퍼2. But why did Twitter allegedly ride in guns a-blazing to snatch the sale of TweetDeck away from app company UberMedia vp n free? Surely the mighty Twitter doesn’t feel threatened…or do they?

The development of social media desktop platforms like Tweetdeck, have led to a significant dip in traffic for major players like Twitter Remote file. When you use an app to tweet, you don’t need to use Twitter as much. And unfortunately for Twitter, TweetDeck outclasses them when it comes to functionality devexpress. They’re not the only ones.

People are choosing to use desktop applications like TweetDeck more and more, everyday. It’s convenient, easier, and gives you a birds-eye-view of your social media updates, conversations and interactions 음양사 게임. With UberMedia creating or buying apps like these all the time, Twitter is losing their market share.

It makes sense that Twitter rushed in to snap up TweetDeck with a larger offer – they don’t want to lose another 13% of their market share to UberMedia 새해 인사 동영상. Does this mean war? Of course it does. Twitter would be ignorant to let these smaller app companies steal their user loyalty and traffic.

As for their plans for TweetDeck – we can only hope that they continue to develop and improve it, instead of shutting it down 삼시세끼 어촌편 2. We think at the end of the day, Twitter understand the need for a great app to help people manage their social media campaigns. They are taking action now, so that they can build on TweetDeck, to create a desktop app that is better than the rest Download Korean and computer viewer.

Honestly, this is the only way they are going to be able to hang onto their market share. If they make the monumental mistake of closing TweetDeck, other companies will just replicate its business model and continue to steal traffic from Twitter 곰 tv 동영상 다운로드. In fact, once developers like UberMedia smell that fear, they’ll stop at nothing to build and rebuild, bigger, better apps for your desktop.

There are many bloggers online that are all over this speculative TweetDeck acquisition, shouting from the rooftops that Twitter will ruin the application, or kill it 자기소개서 샘플. Rumours are everywhere, that TweetDeck will be analysed and then put to rest. Well here’s a thought – if it improves Twitter, then who cares? You can bet the TweetDeck creators aren’t going to moan about the integration of their app into Twitter, not with $50 million to keep them occupied.

It’s the old David and Goliath syndrome, the online bloggers need to always support the underdog, or the small company. But Twitter needs to evolve, and if trouncing TweetDeck does it, that’s a good thing. Let’s not forget that without Twitter, TweetDeck would not exist. If the sale happened, then we’re glad it did. Buying means progress. Not defending your market share, means having to downsize, or worse – become a stagnant site. No one wants that to happen to Twitter, now do they?

What do you think about the Twitter / TweetDeck acquisition? Have your say below!

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