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By on October 17, 2013
podcast virality

Podcast virality is once again drawing the attention of top social media managers who are searching for new ways to reach their audience. With videos and text usually taking center stage with viral sharing, will podcasts experience the same rates of engagement? Today I am taking an intimate look at highly viral podcasting methods.

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The Power of The Viral Podcast

Alright, so why this sudden new interest in podcast virality? I’ll tell you exactly why. Things are happening in the podcast niche that you should pay attention to.

• Podcast users prefer listening to clips on their desktop
• There has been a massive surge in mobile podcast users
• 67% of podcast listeners do not mind sponsored messages
• Podcasts are easy to repackage into other viral media content

Podcast virality is on the rise. With more than 70 million Americans listening to and sharing these podcasts, they are marketing gold waiting to happen. Plus, if you are camera shy, podcasting gives you the opportunity to shy away and still be part of viral media.

Breaking Down What You Can Do With Podcasts

Small business social media managers sometimes don’t have the time to create more complex media for their campaigns. Images, video and even longer text is just a little too far out of their reach. Who has time to be a content creator and a business owner?

Podcasting virality

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With this podcast virality boom, now you can take a few minutes out of your day to record clean audio clips, brand them, insert your own sponsored messages (and eventually add in your blog network too) and it shouldn’t take you more than an hour or two!

  • Use Google Analytics to track how your podcast virality is going. Get insights and improve your next few clips and promotional techniques for extra traffic and listeners!
  • Use your awesome branded podcast to gain more blog subscribers. Grow your list and get more readers to your blog from referred podcast traffic.
  • Post your podcasts on Facebook to make your page more dynamic and personal. If people can hear you, they will like you. And by like, I mean click your like button!
  • Create a Google+ Hangout, and turn it into an audio podcast. This is a simple and easy way to get guest bloggers appearing on your blog.
  • Turn your strictly audio podcasts into slideshow videos. This podcast virality works in 3 steps. Step 1, create your podcast. Step 2, create your branded slideshow presentation with your podcast transcript. Step 3, convert your slideshow presentation into a video and add the audio for increased viral potential!

In the coming year savvy small business social marketers will pick up on the massive opportunity that podcasting offers them. People listen to the podcasts in the car, at home, at work, while washing the dishes – and it will be your voice, your adverts and your brand in their ears. Sounds like a perfect way to grow your brand online, to me!

What do you think of podcasting, and will you use it going forward in 2014?

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