How To Use The Facebook Edgerank System

By on July 26, 2011

Ever wonder why no-one is replying to your fan page posts? Why day after day, you only get the occasional ‘like’ and the odd comment? It’s because you haven’t discovered the powerful edgerank system standing in your way Gangster!

It’s essentially Facebook’s version of pagerank, and it decides what your fans get to see from your page. The higher your edgerank score, the more interaction you’ll get Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Why? Because your fans are seeing your posts in their ‘top news’ feeds.

The Edgerank Algorithm

Right now on Facebook, you have a number of people that appear in your top news feed Melisse. These people didn’t happen to be there by accident – they’re the result of the edgerank algorithm China Immigration Report. Edgerank uses three basic parameters to determine your relationship with your fans.

The closer your perceived relationship, the more likely it is that they will appear in your top news stream Gary 2002. Now prepare to be shocked – more than half of all visitors on Facebook never bother to look in their ‘most recent’ feeds. That’s why knowing how the edgerank system works, is fundamental to your success as a business on Facebook 이달의 소녀.

The edgerank system is based on affinity, weight and time decay. Let’s look a bit more closely at these parameters.

The Affinity Parameter

Affinity is really how much interaction you have with your fan on Facebook Download ms office 2003. Do you visit their profiles, do they like your posts – comment, share, tag – is there any relationship at all? The more you get to know someone, or should we say, the more you attract them to your page, the higher your affinity score Download the purple color.

The Weight Parameter

The weight parameter basically measures the level of interaction between your business, and your fan 엘 캐피 탄. Tags are worth more than likes, and comments are the best of all. The more your fans comment on your page – the higher your weight score. It doesn’t mean that likes are useless, every bit helps Tupa Changgung. But you should really target comments if you want your posts to be seen.

The Time Decay Parameter

Time decay is self explanatory – it involves the relevancy of your post. Fresh posts are worth more than older posts. That’s why time sensitive updates are so effective – they involve news about something, and an upcoming or expiration date. Edgerank loves those!

Put the three together and what does it spell? Interaction – of course.

You need to post updates that encourage interaction, or they’ll never be seen. Applications, videos and images are very effective for comment collection. But don’t underestimate the power of a well posed question! Sit down, and plan your edgerank strategy, post by post.

Each update needs to have a purpose, and that purpose is response! To get your page off the ground, ask friends and family to interact in the meantime. Hopefully your excellent conversation will do the rest!

How do you get responses from your fans on Facebook? Please share your edgerank secrets with us below!

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