How To Use Pinterest Niche Pins To Improve Community Sharing #Pinterest

By on October 16, 2013
Pinterest niche pins

Pinterest niche pins are the stars of the image-sharing network, with millions of people creating, sharing and commenting on each other’s recipes, tips and home insights. If you want to improve the virality of your brand content on Pinterest, you may need to use a niche tactic to do it. Today, I’m talking about creating and using niche pins for improved sharing.

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The Pinterest Statistic That Gives You The Edge

For the average social media marketer, drawing insights from stats is daily work. Last year a number of very interesting stats were released that helped social marketers improve their community sharing ratios in the coming months. These tactics still work, and these Pinterest niche pins are the best way to approach your community on their terms.

• It doesn’t matter what kind of brand you are
• It doesn’t matter which niche industry you are in
• Everyone can use Pinterest niche pins for community sharing

The Pinterest Niche Pin Strategy

There are 10 niche groups that absolutely dominate Pinterest, and this is where things get interesting for your brand. Many of these niche groups apply to everyone, which means that anyone in your business has preferences in the niches that you will be using.

• 57% of Pinterest interacts with niche food-related pins
• 40% of Pinterest interacts with niche home-related pins
• 34% of Pinterest interacts with niche arts-and-crafts related pins
• 30% of Pinterest interacts with niche style or fashion related pins

The users on Pinterest (mainly women) love these particular niches, which is great for you as a small business owner. Creating a Pinterest niche pin strategy is one of the best ways to gain new board followers and improve your overall viral sharing ratios on the platform.

Pinterest niche pins

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Step 1: Pick a niche (example: food)
Step 2: Grab a camera
Step 3: Spend a week cooking/eating your favorite foods
Step 4: Take at least 3 photographs each time
Step 5: Create attractive, friendly and branded pins

The next step is to run a series of Pinterest niche pins based on food that ‘fuels’ your CEO, or other members of your staff. People love to know what interesting dishes and favorites you use to keep going. They will comment, share and follow your boards because you are sharing personal information with them in a business context.

*Don’t forget that for every pin you share, you should comment on 10 other food pins

You can reuse this basic strategy with each of the Pinterest niche pins I’ve spoken about here. Home, arts and crafts and fashion pins are all uniquely personal, they add to the likability and transparency of your brand which makes you so approachable online. Whenever you need a boost in views and referral traffic use this method to make it happen.

There are many, many creative ideas that you can apply to these niches – and they work. After this strategy, you will find that your Pinterest community shares your pins more often.

Do you know of a great Pinterest strategy that is easy to implement and promotes sharing?

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