How to Use Social Media to Market a B2B App

By on February 6, 2018

Having a killer app that solves real problems and pain points for other businesses is a good starting point. Alas, without strong marketing winds in your sails, it can take you only so far. You will likely fail to reach your ambitious goals because it is easy to get snowed under an avalanche of other apps that are hitting digital marketplaces on a daily basis.

But, don’t fret: that is when business-to-business (B2B) app marketing comes to save the day.

Major social media networks may seem like a perfect playground for business-to-customer (B2C) campaigns, but they have also evolved into go-to places for B2B brands that seek to promote their apps Angry Birds 2. One thing to keep in mind right off the bat is that when catering to other businesses, the approach differs from selling to ordinary customers.


Channeling the Marketing Power

The whole sector of B2B marketing is moving away from paid and owned broadcast media channels. More and more marketers and developers are now gravitating towards social engagement and for good reasons too. After all, social experience is an integral part of the decision making process. We are influenced by other people, industry trends, and tech developments.

And besides, the social ecosystem is an ocean of opportunities where one can find the right B2B audience ps3 펌웨어 다운로드. Knowing where to look is essential, so first off, figure out who it is you are selling to. Avoid the scattergun approach because you have to narrow your focus and use available resources optimally. Once you find the target businesses, find out how they make money and what problems they encounter.

A Matter of Online Identity

Use the acquired facts and figures to flash out your social media persona. Regardless of what your app promises to do, you should be able to come across as educative, interesting, and informative. Just take a look at General Electric, a company that has managed, thanks to social media efforts, the title of the “most exciting boring brand” Download Wizdum House. It nailed all crucial elements of social media presence, including mission, tagline, strategy, and campaigns.

Brands like Jessie Rendall prove that modern businesses respond well to those who are thought-provoking, daring, and different.  So, do not hesitate to let your unique persona show. Set yourself apart from the swarms of competition.

Sowing the Seeds of Success

Furthermore, know that in B2B business realm, nurturing lasting and meaningful relationships is the key to success. According to experts from Omobono, 79% of senior marketers argues that social media is effective in meeting this goal. This does not come as a surprise: communication is the bedrock of any relationship, and social media a seamless way to go about it Download Planet Escape 2.

It goes without saying that business customers expect an ongoing support and communication. Social media is the perfect channel to give them what they need. So, prioritize trust, accountability, and knowledge sharing. Always deliver on your promises and emphasize the value and benefits your app adds. Take lessons from companies like American Express OPEN that have grown their presence by giving fresh insights and resources.

Fortifying the Social Presence

There are a slew of networks to pick and choose from and decisions matter a great deal. Naturally, business hubs in the league of LinkedIn are in the spotlight Download Overwatch Crack. Then again, Twitter is also used extensively by B2B developers to promote their products and services. So, let us check out a few examples.

Appnext, a mobile monetization platform is a great illustration of what a solid social media presence can do. Namely, as a prominent app discovery hub, this company effectively employs social channels to cater to mobile publishers and app marketers. A well-optimized LinkedIn profile helps it not only reach, but also cultivate long-term relationships with followers and clients.

On the other hand, HLC Technologies has made its mark in the Twitter ecosystem by creating amazing Twitter Chats with engaging imagery and interesting and influential panelists Download The Simpsons. Think of this tactic as the process of organizing mini evens, online conversations that grow and spread as more people take part in it.

The Art of Networking

Some of the general marketing rules apply:

Get to know the ins and outs of the industry. Develop a strong value proposition. Develop a deeper understanding of the customer journey. Focus on the ROI.

However, you also need to switch gears and position yourself for B2B marketing game. It involves distinct goals, styles, tactics, and content. For instance, one of the staple promotional methods is to pitch your business story to reach influencers and get featured in industry publications 윈도우10 엔터프라이즈. This works miracles in terms of building the reputation and sparking public attention.

Lenovo has certainly shown us how to leverage connections with reputable influencers. The company partnered with the reputable organizations such as NAF (National Academy Foundation) and MIT’s App Inventor Program, mentioning them in social media campaigns and “borrowing” their exposure.

A Smart Content Marketing Strategy

In the booming social media landscape, content marketing is the king Free download of Korean books.

So, create a stream of handy quality content that facilitates continuous education. Share your deep insights in the form of infographics, video tutorials, e-books, white papers, etc. Promote your webinars with attention-arresting calls to action (CTA). Enable others to learn about your app nice and easy.

Businesses like Marketo have generated quite a bit of buzz with images with quotes. In general, visual content is sealing the show, so don’t fail to harness its incredible potential. Note that sometimes it pays off to be whimsical and playful fpga 다운로드. MarketStars has shown us how to tell a story in a way that puts even blockbuster movies to shame. The B2B company crafted outstanding graphics and used them as vehicles for their social media campaigns.

Back 2 the Social Basics

Social media networks are one of the most effective marketing channels across a host of objectives. At the same time, they represent a tumultuous whirlwind of real-time interactions and content distribution. To cut through the overwhelming noise, you have to take your time developing a sound strategy.

Come up with a technical solution that makes client’s life easier and more productive Download Silky Fix. Think of your app as a driving force behind long-term success. Prioritize maintaining long-term relationships and soak in the feedback. Remember that the quality and depth of connection play a pivotal role.

You don’t know what works until you try it and gauge its impact. Thus, measure your key performance indicators to maintain a sense of purpose and direction. Following the best practices, you should be able to sell your product to interested businesses out there.

One thing is certain: you cannot afford to neglect the opulent benefits that social media marketing has to offer.

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