How To Use Your Social Media Pages For Glowing Testimonials

By on July 22, 2011

Social media sites are a great place to chat to your client base, and collect glowing recommendations and testimonials about your products and services Download mvp2005. Testimonials are often the key decision maker for new clients looking to begin a relationship with your business. People naturally trust other people’s opinions of you, more than they trust your opinion of your own business Download the test disc.

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Let’s take a look at how to use some key social media pages to collect those award-winning testimonials you need 뻐끔플라워 다운로드.

Facebook Testimonials Please

There are a number of ways to get testimonials from your clients on Facebook 리버 와일드 다운로드. Wall posts, group discussions, image and video comments – they all count as personal opinions about your business. The trick is to get people to say nice things, by having an interactive fan page with all the bells and whistles I believe the.

If you really want to get the ball rolling on testimonial sourcing, you should create a custom testimonial page, or an app that invites your clients to publish their opinions about your business – directly onto your fan page I love mom and.

The app could include a little feature that slots their name, picture and testimonial onto an attractive design. You’ll be able to use these anywhere 원피스 스완그랜드배틀! Pick up the pace by adding an incentive to your testimonials page.

The Twitter Testimonial Test

Twitter is also a nice place to get testimonials from your fans, clients and other businesses pdf Pro. There are a number of ways you can promote your testimonials as well – by setting up a branded testimonial hashtag, and by making each recommendation a ‘favorite’ so that it shows up on your profile homepage Automatic download of your phone.

You can also get a widget created that streams these testimonials directly to your website. Fresh testimonials daily – yes please!

Youtube Testimonials Online

It’s amazing how willing clients are to create video and audio testimonials these days – especially if your product or service has given them a lot of positive results 역전재판3 gba. Create a video that invites clients to submit their video/audio testimonials – and finish it off with a strong call to action and an incentive. The incentive can be a discount, a free gift, a sneak peak – something desirable.

If you thought text testimonials were good, wait until you see the response from live media recommendations! Once the videos start pouring in – create blog, Facebook and Twitter posts about them. Engage in conversation with the person that made the video, and really knock the testimonial comments section out of the ball park.

Glowing testimonials are easier to acquire if you have a strong product or service history, and a willing community of followers. The only way to get them is to ask, or to give your fans something for their trouble. Incentives will probably always be the best way to grab glowing recommendations, so don’t leave them out! Use these great tips and gather as many social testimonials as you can to promote your business.

What was the nicest testimonial you ever received from a client on a social site? We want to know, so leave your comment for us!

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