Using Social Media to Propel your Business Forward

By on July 28, 2016


Social media marketing is one of the many options that are available to anyone and everyone. It’s easy enough to promote a brand or company, and make sure the target audience sees it, but for the best results easy isn’t the answer. Because of how easy it is, the use of social media for business marketing has skyrocketed as of late, and has become less and less unique, making it difficult to stand out from the sea of similar content. Social media is currently one of the top ways to gain recognition, and should be used to its full extent, but proceed with this in mind: address whatyou are not great at, so you can focus on what you are great at in social media marketing.

There is more to social media marketing than likes, re-blogs, retweets, and comments. The simplified goal is to get people to check out the products or services offered, and spread the word around, which creates profit. Unfortunately 99.9% of the time it’s not going to be that simple. Behind every social media post there is a myriad of programs working together to ensure the success of marketing.

Backlinks are the social media highways connecting content for the target audience’s convenience. Managing backlinks is going to help a business see what works, what doesn’t work, and how to improve PR strategies. Companies like and Moz, which provide backlink services, help to shift the burden of a business’ SEO and PR workload by using their advanced technology and network of publicists to create and run social media campaigns that would usually take months of work. These types of services not only increase a business’ SEO and PR, but they create reports and provide data to give a detailed idea of how a business ranks over time.

Once a business has seen the ins and outs of what is and isn’t working, content strategy and creation comes into play. Just because social media is easy, doesn’t mean all content is received well. If a business isn’t getting the kind of social media attention expected, they might reach out to companies like Saleshub, Single Throw, or Internet Marketing Ninjas, which offer services to take what a business wants to market, and can create a campaign strategy, execute the campaign, and/or create high quality content that engages the targeted audience, all while convincing them to buy from the business. These services then provide information to search engines that the promoted business is a credible source, and ties in to improving SEO and PR. This is an essential step in social media marketing, because it’s not only going to get a business noticed, but it’s going to provide all the desired information to the target audience through high quality content.

When it comes to advertising, the world is has always been visual. With the increase of internet and social media use, all successful content has had to adapt to the visual needs of consumers. While looks aren’t everything, advertising has thrived with it. Whether it’s pictorials, catchy slogans, key words, or anything else that immediately draws attention to the rest of the content, it is key to have visually pleasing advertising. This isn’t limited to campaign advertisements, but can cover all social media outlets and a business’ website as well. The Content Marketing Institute has a couple articles that include a checklist of sorts that can help with content optimization for businesses, and a guide that breaks down how to fix what isn’t working. Each business is going to be different when it comes to what works, but the general guidelines tend to stay the same across the board.

Whether a business uses all aspects of social media marketing or just the ones that they want improvement from, it’s become more common than ever to go above and beyond. Social media is only going to grow over time, and it is now prime time for making the switch to marketing success through social media.

About Tessa Kaplan

Tessa Kaplan is a recent college graduate in California, USA, with a BA in English. She spent much of her time outside of school completing writing internships that added to her researching skills, and helped her gain knowledge of web development and various writing styles and content. When she isn’t writing or working, she spends her time doing yoga, hiking along the river, taking cat naps (with her cat), and going out with friends.
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