What Is Visual Blogging and How Can It Improve Conversions? #Blogging

By on February 15, 2014

Visual blogging is a type of content blogging that connects with readers using visual content like images, infographics and mini-infographics. If you want to steadily improve your post virality and sharability, then you should look into adding some visual post styles to your strategy 왓챠 플레이. Today I am exploring the wonderful world of blogging with images.

A visual blog post is easily identified, as your text will support a large number of images, instead of a few images supporting your text Download the Jeonbuk Bank app.

What Exactly Is Visual Blogging?

You have probably seen some visual blogging posts already, because they are all over the internet 스물다섯 스물하나. The post will contain several images that unite to tell a story, or deliver information in an interesting way. These can sometimes be gifs (short moving images) and they can be extremely entertaining to consume in the right context 캐시워크.

A good example is an opinion post on the 10 best books of 2013. The post would contain 10 images and some supporting text for each image (about a line or two) 타자스쿨. These gallery type posts can communicate the way that you feel about each book, based on the IMAGE that you select for each spot.

Visual blogging posts can also include infographics, memes, mini-infographics and stylized images (vintage, sepia or Instagram) 롱 리브 더킹 목포 영웅 다운로드.

visual blogging

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Why Would You Bother Creating Visual Posts 헤이스트?

As a blogger, why would you bother to even create blog posts like these? These visual posts are incredibly sharable, specifically for these reasons:

• They are incredibly quick to consume (glance for information)
• They are highly engaging (gifs evoke emotion)
• They connect with your readers emotions (different image styles cause different feelings)
• They can communicate complex ideas in a simple way
• All of this makes them extremely sharable m-bizmaker 다운로드!

When you come across a visual blog post on a subject that you enjoy or want to learn about, it instantly becomes something that you want to share fl studio 무료 다운로드. Because the post only takes a few moments to consume, it can reach far greater audiences than a text post.

How Will Visual Blogging Improve Your Conversions Download the light-painted people?

The bottom line is that as a blogger, you should be creating this visual content already, because it rapidly improves your conversions. People don’t want to slog through your blog, they want to really experience it – and that is what images help them do.

As long as you choose your images wisely, place them correctly and continue to post high value text posts alongside them, I can say with certainty that your posts will be shared more often. Peppering in these visual blogging posts can attract a whole new kind of readership to your blog and give your avid readers a break for the text-heavy stuff. My advice – start testing!

Create some visual posts, test them and see how well they work in your niche.

In the meantime, what sort of posts do you prefer on blogs? Visual posts? Video posts? Short/long text posts? I’d love to know.

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