What is a Facebook Custom Conversion and How to Set It Up

By on January 13, 2020


Custom conversions have been a regular feature with the Facebook pixel for years now. This useful feature was previously implemented by inserting a tiny snippet of code to your website. But with a new update, you can implement as many custom events as you want to without writing a single line of code Download Silky Fix.

What is a custom conversion?

A custom conversion is an event on your website that isn’t set by Facebook in its standard set of conversions such as add to cart, contact, and purchase. It lets you optimize your adds for a custom event and selected URL traffic.

Custom Conversions can be set up on any page of your website and for almost any action that users take on the website Download Super Bunny Man.

For instance, when I wanted to optimize my ads for a job posting, I created a custom event that recorded every instance someone visited my career page after seeing an ad and clicked on the submit resume button.

This event was recorded by the custom conversion feature and optimized to collect the maximum number of resumes.

Why you should set up a custom conversion on your website Download inside-out subtitles? 

Track user behavior. 

Custom events can be very useful to filter customers and see how they behave on your website. For instance, you can see audiences who only shop for black clothes in your shop and create a custom audience with this data.

Optimize your Ads spreadsheet compare.

You can set a goal with custom conversion that isn’t listed in the standard event. Use conversion objective in ad manager to optimize your ads to maximize your conversions.

Control what you share with Partners.

Standard events might provide your partners such as a partner agency with sensitive data 사운드포지 키젠. With custom conversions, you can choose which data to share and use in your ad campaigns.

How to set up custom conversions?

If you already have Pixel on your website, custom conversions can be set up pretty easily.

 In case, you still haven’t installed a pixel see this handy guide on how to set up a pixel on your website axis.jar 다운로드.

Here’s how to start with Custom Conversions

  1. Go to Business Manager.
  2. Visit the Events Manager
  3. Click on Data Sources and find the pixel you want to set up conversions.
  4. Click Settings on the left panel 스카이 크롤러.
  5. Scroll down to the Events Setup
  6. Click Open Event Setup Tools.
  7. Enter the website address you want to set up conversions.

You are now ready to setup Custom Conversions on your website. Before we go further, it is important to set our goals discovery of life. What do we want the custom conversion to achieve that can’t be done by standard selections provided by Facebook?

For my custom events, I set up a conversion that optimized for Resume submissions.

Here’s how I set up a custom conversion for my job application page:

  1. Went to the career section of my website Crime of The Mysterious Animals and Grindelwald.
  2. Clicked on the Job I wanted to optimize.
  3. Clicked on the Setup Event button (placed on the left side of the tab).
  4. Chose Submit Application as my desired conversion.
  5. Clicked on Tag Your Event.
  6. Clicked on the Send Application button on my website.
  7. Saved the event Download the gcc compilation.

You can create multiple custom events using this method. Head on to ad manager to create ads or create an audience based on this new event. Custom conversions can help you understand and reach out to your audience more effectively and with more confidence.

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