What Social Media Channel Should You Focus On?

By on March 23, 2020

Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube all have billions of users among them. In addition to this, you also have Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok and a plethora of industry-specific social networks that you could promote your business on 챔피언 1080p.

Investing in all these different social networks at once is not only time consuming, but also an expensive affair. So how do you pick the right social media channel for your business? In this article, we will take a look at the different factors that must be considered while making a decision 네이트온 다운로드.


The age, gender and interests of your target group is by far the most influential factor when it comes to picking a social network to invest your marketing efforts in. Platforms like Facebook and YouTube have millions of users from every conceivable demographic segment. However, there are also platforms that are uniquely suited to your audience group 이메일 자동.

For instance, if your product targets the young 18-24 year customer, you may want to invest in a TikTok account given its insane popularity among the Gen Z crowd. There are also industry-specific social networks like Drooble, Sermo and Raptr that target a specific community like musicians, physicians and gamers ico 다운로드.

Merely going by demographics is not ideal. Platforms like Instagram may be great for your demographic but may not be ideal for your industry if you need more than just visuals to market your business.

Also, your social media campaign can be part of a larger omnichannel strategy Check3. In such cases, you will have to pick a channel that aligns with the same collateral you are using on other channels.

You may, alternatively, invest in a niche social network. But the risk here is two-fold. Firstly, these networks do not reach your entire audience-base and so there is a limit to the payoff you can expect from such channels 유희왕 태그포스. Also, such smaller networks are at a greater risk of failure which means that all your efforts in growing a following may reach a dead-end anytime the platform fails.

A good example is of the various message boards that lost appeal with the emergence of meta-communities like Reddit 교세라 프린터 드라이버 다운로드.

Content model 

Your success with social media marketing relies to a great extent on the kind of content you produce. There are plenty of content models to choose from – text, images, videos, infographics, audio are different ways to communicate with your users 괴이증후군 다운로드. You may also dig deeper into a format and produce content that is specifically popular among your target group. For instance, the kind of content popular on TikTok is different from what is popular on a channel like Instagram. Knowing what is appealing among your buyers is the first step in picking the right social channel.

Take the example of a niche industry training company like Graviteq – they train rope access technicians with their industry certification 클래식 음악. Given the nature of business, “POV videos” (point of view videos that capture an action from the person doing it) of the training sessions are a big hit – such content may be popular on a channel like YouTube. On the other hand, a business providing enterprise software may find it profitable to produce long form text content which is going to be popular on target communities and groups on Facebook and LinkedIn 거래명세표 다운로드.

Your campaign objectives 

What do you want to achieve with your social media campaigns? Do you want to generate new leads? Build brand awareness? Direct traffic to your product pages? Your long-term campaign objectives can be a critical factor in determining your social media platform.

Some channels are suited to achieve certain objectives better than others. For example, Facebook is a great platform if you want to create a positive customer experience. The platform has the right tools to engage with your prospects and is preferred among users, along with Twitter, to air grievances related to a product or service. Alternately, platforms like Instagram and YouTube are good to build brand awareness.

Resources at your disposal 

Sometimes, despite what all the factors indicate, you may be unable to invest in a social channel or content format because of the resources at your disposal. For example, a bootstrapped freelancer may not have the budget to invest in a high quality video to promote his business. Or, a startup may not be able to hire a full-time employee to work on growing their Instagram profile. In such cases, you may have to invest in a social media channel that is best suited to your resource availability.

If you cannot hire a full-time employee, you may consider investing in a social media channel that can be automated. This brings down your resource requirements while ensuring uninterrupted work on building your channel.

In the end, it needs to be pointed out that the social media landscape is evolving constantly. What worked in the past may not necessarily work in the future. The platforms that are popular today may fail to garner interest in future. As a business owner, this needs to be acknowledged while investing in any platform.

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