Why Email Marketing Is Still the Boss in 2019

By on March 6, 2019

Digital marketing is an ever evolving field with periodic changes in what may work and may not work. From basic content creation to programmatic and native advertising, we have come a long way in exploring new dimensions of marketing. We have been on the move in finding new ways to influence the tech-savvy users of today and that has given results as well. Every business has something or the other that fits perfectly into their marketing strategy and proves fruitful.

It would be unfair to tag some digital marketing practice as being the best among the lot for obvious reasons. Over the years, one digital marketing practice that has constantly given results, albeit inconsistently, is none other than email marketing Editvoicepack 다운로드.

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Yes, it is arguably the best digital marketing practice out there with almost every business implementing it. With almost 4.1 billion email users worldwide and almost 50 % of companies using email automation in some form or another, it would not be wrong to say that email is of paramount importance and has great potential in marketing.

Here are some proven reasons as to why email marketing still leads the way.

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When you market via email, you are not dependent on audiences owned by someone else book right away. Yes, I am talking about social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter which give you an infinite outreach and industrial exposure but, also at the same time, give the control in the hands of  your intended audience.

In simpler words, these “non-owned” audiences can easily stop or block your content reaching them and it’s game over for you.

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Also, any subtle changes in the algorithms of these social media giants, which determine what your followers will see from you, possess the potential to spoil the game for you Download Dr. Zibago.

With email, you own your audience. If your CRM or database has your client’s email addresses, it is you, who controls the ability to connect with them.

When you own your audience, you have a greater chance of converting your leads into customers. This boosts your ROI.

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With email marketing, you have a marketing strategy with a stronger nucleus targeted towards an owned audience 설국열차 자막.


There is no human being, who does not like things tailor-made for them with a personal touch. In fact, it is one of the basics of marketing that personalization should be fundamental to drive more engagement from prospects.

No one likes being sold to and an email allows you to deliver quality content to your prospects with a much-needed personalized touch.

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Marketers see an average of 20 percent sales increase when personalizing customer experiences Photoshop cs3 Hangul. It is quite evident that as soon as we give a personal touch to our marketing efforts, it shows up in the results. Thus, personalization is a must.

On top of that, there is no better way than email to make your customers aware of your upcoming product launches, promotions etc. in a streamlined way. Whatever it is, your customers will be updated in the most effective way.


This one is from personal experience. I think, cold emailing is the most underrated form of marketing. It has given a lot of results over the years with almost zero effort.

If you use Google Analytics(I do and highly recommended) to track customer behavior, it makes it very easy for you to filter the people interested in your business 트윈스터즈.

What I did was to check the “Referral” metric(marked as 3) under “All Traffic”(marked as 2). “All Traffic” lies under “Acquisition”(marked as 1) and the path has been depicted below.

It gives you the list of the various websites (as seen in the image below) from where people have landed to your website.

You also can check the duration of the visitor’s session jdk 1.6 zip. Other important metrics such as bounce rate, pages/session, revenue etc. can be easily derived as highlighted in the red rectangle below.

You cannot send cold emails to every visitor. You need to filter the visitors based on their bounce rate, the time they spent on your website and the pages they visited per session. From here, you just need to visit the website and collect the contact details of the respective visitor.

You can also visit their social media pages if needed 뉴 슈퍼마리오 브라더스 다운로드. Once you have the email of the visitor, you know what to do. A well-prepared cold email template which offers value to the prospects will do wonders for you.

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You can also run A/B testing on your cold emails with different subject lines and a different body. Once you have the right mail configured, you will be amazed at the power of cold-emailing.


One of the biggest reasons for email marketing being so efficient,  is the ease with which you can reach out to your users on mobile 멜론 2019년 7월 3주차 top100 다운로드.

We are well aware of the fact that the majority of people today use their mobile devices to access their emails.

Among the devices used by US Business Professionals to regularly check emails, smartphones lead the chart by some margin. These stats give us a clear idea of how important mobile is to our marketing efforts.

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A very good reason as to why mobile marketing should be done via email rather than SMS is that you can include a lot more content in an email as compared to an SMS. Thus, your message is more loud and clear via an email. An email also does not incur the same charges as an SMS may do.


I think everyone agrees on the fact that email marketing is quite inexpensive Download the loader. You can reach out to an unimaginably large audience at a very low rate per message.

For the small business that does have much to invest in other marketing tactics initially, email marketing acts as the perfect solution.

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If you will compare the expense of email marketing to other marketing tactics, you will see that email marketing is very cost-effective and it allows low-budget ventures to market effectively.


Email marketing is one marketing tactic,  which can be integrated with almost any other marketing tactic. The ease with which you can customize the content and personalize it for your users is amazing.

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Ranging from the launch of a new product/service to cart abandonment emails, a business has a large number of reasons to interact with their customers and there must be an effective way of doing that. What better way than email.

Websites all over the world use several different personalization tactics which can be integrated with email. The flexibility with which email marketing can be used will tempt you more towards integrating it into your marketing strategy. 


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  • All in all, email marketing is a very useful weapon which ought to be part of your arsenal. There is no reason for you to ignore it.
  • When we talk about small businesses and startups, email marketing acts as a boon for them. There is immense power in email marketing which will be on show once you use it.
  • Testing different subject lines, body text and content is the fundamental rule when it comes to optimizing your email marketing efforts. It is a must.
  • Email automation has proven to be the next big thing. Every business should use email automation to improve targeting of messages, improve the customer experience and higher conversion rates.

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