Why Instagram Marketing Is a Must for Small Businesses

By on November 27, 2019

Are you on Instagram yet? If not, chances are that you’re missing out a lot. With the rapid growth of this network, it’s no longer just for big brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, and Apple.


For small business owners, Instagram isn’t the most obvious marketing tool Download m4r ringtones. With over 25 million businesses on the platform, it seems difficult to cut through the noise when you’re just starting out. Moreover, most entrepreneurs believe that Instagram marketing requires much money.

But Instagram marketing isn’t just about expensive digital agencies and paid advertising .net reflector 다운로드. There are many creative ways for small businesses to grow your company on the platform without investing much: from using royalty-free stock photos to turning your customers into brand advocates. As a result, there’s no need to have a solid marketing budget to use Instagram for business.

Still, not convinced Download the reflector? Take a look at the top six reasons why your small business needs Instagram marketing in 2020:

  1. Reach your target audience: No matter what your business niche is, whether you’re a B2C or B2B company, your audience is definitely on Instagram. Why? Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has reached one billion monthly active users 스마트 폰 swf. What is more, social media users want to discover products on the platform, so they often follow brands. For small businesses, this means your potential audience is ready to start a conversation.
  2. Build brand awareness and trust: Do you know that shoppers report spending up to 40% more money on brands that have interacted with them on social media 모바일 카드게임 다운로드? Your potential customers crave communication with your brand on social media, and when you are on the most popular network like Instagram, chances are that more people will find and follow you. It’s nearly impossible to sell products when nobody knows about your business, so it’s vital for small companies to invest in brand awareness and trust 김성모 빵 다운로드.
  3. Drive website traffic: Wouldn’t it be great if you could drive traffic to a website for free? From adding a bio link to working with influencers, there are many ways to convert Instagram users into your website visitors. And once your Instagram account reaches 10k followers, you can insert links to your Stories which means another source of website traffic. What is more, when your Instagram followers visit your website, you get targeted traffic which means business growth over the long haul Libre.
  4. Increase ecommerce sales: The concept of social shopping is on its rise. Today, more and more people scroll their Instagram feeds to find interesting products and buy them in-app. Instagram knows the growing demand for in-app shopping, so it helps businesses optimize their profiles for ecommerce and start selling on Instagram (product tags and product stickers) proteus 7. As a small business, it’s a great way to grow your profit even if you don’t have a website.
  5. Understand your potential customers: It’s in our nature to be focused on themselves, so they love sharing personal experiences on social media. For brands, this means an opportunity to understand your customers better – just read your comments, monitor brand mentions, and listen to your customers Download pc share manager. What is more, the network rolls out features that help companies understand their customers better. For example, it’s easier to do market research and collect customer feedback with Instagram Stories polls, question stickers, and emoji sliders.
  6. Save money on brand promotion: There’s no need to hire expensive digital marketing agencies or SMM consultants to use Instagram for business vmware player 10 다운로드. With a variety of social media management tools, it’s easy to control and monitor your Instagram campaigns without putting much time or effort. Want to know the best part? Instagram is considered to be the fastest-growing social media network with the most engaged user base which means your customers are ready to interact with you on the platform.

In Short

Although all well known companies use Instagram for business promotion, the platform is also a great option for small businesses. With the popularity of the network, users are happy to discover new brands, and it helps small businesses reach their potential customers and interact with them in fun and creative ways. It will obviously take time and effort to grow your Instagram following, but the payoff can be huge.

About Val Razo

Val Razo is a freelance SMM consultant with 5+ years of experience who helps small and medium businesses. She believes in the power of social media, so Val keeps up with digital trends to make the most out of campaigns. Follow her on Twitter to stay tuned for more.

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