Why Social Media Is an Essential Part of Customer Service

By on July 25, 2019

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Many businesses think that actively posting on social media is enough for a successful social media strategy 인감증명서 위임장. However, businesses must also respond to customer comments, questions, reviews, and messages if they hope to convert audience members to customers.

In this article, we show you why social media is quickly becoming an essential part of customer service and why this is a positive trend 루인스 다운로드.

Many businesses rely on a social media agency for help with creating a formal customer service strategy, but you can use this article to get started 대항해시대1.

Improve Customer Communication

Providing customer service on social media increases the likelihood that people will contact your business when they have a problem, complaint, or question Download windows 10 kn iso.

A recent Visual Object survey found that more than 20% of people use social media to contact companies with questions about their brand or product(s) 고속 충전 다운로드.

If your target audience includes people under the age of 40, social media customer service becomes more important, since more than one-fourth of millennial consumers use social media to contact businesses, according to the Visual Objects survey 현수막 디자인.

Prove Your Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

People use social media as a customer service tool even when companies don’t offer formal customer service on social platforms 짱구 13기 다운로드.

For example, customers take advantage of easy access to businesses on social media by:

  • Posting online reviews
  • Using social media messaging
  • Posting questions or comments on business pages

Developing a formal social media customer service strategy allows your business to respond to customer complaints and manage your brand’s reputation 파워밀.

According to a report by Sprout Social, nearly 40% of people will purchase from a brand again if they’re satisfied with the way the business responds to their complaint Lovelogie.

When people have a positive interaction with a businesses, nearly half of them return to social media to highlight it Free national gymnastics. Then, almost 40% of them share the positive experience with their friends.

Social media allows you to prove your commitment to customer satisfaction. As a result, customers recommend your products and services to their friends.

Build Trust With Customers

Bad customer experiences are costing U.S. businesses $75 billion a year, according to a report by New Voice Media.

People are abandoning businesses at a rate of 37% more than they were in 2016 due to the following customer service issues:

  • 40% feel unappreciated
  • 33% aren’t able to reach a real person
  • 30% get passed around to multiple agents
  • 28% get put on hold too long

Most of the New Voice Media survey respondents (86%) said they would have done business with companies, despite these complaints, if they felt a positive emotional connection with a customer service agent.

Engaging with customers and recognizing their issues in a public forum helps build trust with customers. This increases the chances they’ll purchase from you again in the future and makes them more likely to recommend your business to their friends.Boost Traffic and Engagement

Social media providers customer support services that can earn more traffic and brand equity, especially when people share the experience with their own social media audiences.

Your positive social media interactions demonstrate an appreciation for customers who are willing to engage with your brand. This creates an environment in which people are more likely to interact with you across all your social media efforts.

Social Media Is Essential to Customer Service

Providing customer service on social media allows your business to improve communications, prove your commitment to customer satisfaction, build trust with consumers, and boost your traffic and engagement rates.

All brands need to consider how they can use social media to offer customer service that wins over consumers and creates long-term customer relationships.

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