Why Social Media Videos Are Crucial for Your Marketing Campaign in 2020

By on January 7, 2020

It’s common knowledge that video is the best type of content to reach and engage target consumers. The staggering numbers in the latest video marketing statistics speak for themselves.

Fueled by the massive increase in the use of social media, online video consumption and usage shows no sign of slowing down Download port scan.

More and more internet users are hooked to YouTube and other social media platforms to enjoy different videos.

So it’s safe to say that social media platforms are now flooded with video content viewed by millions of viewers every single day.

In this article, we’re going to dive into video content explosion on social media to give you a leg-up in the 2020’s competition 이프온리 자막.

Video Marketing Stats for 2020: Social Media Platforms Are the “Home” for Online Videos

Video marketing statistics for 2020 proves that social media has contributed immensely to the ever-growing online video usage and consumption.

Since YouTube was launched in 2005, online video trends on social media continue to grow both in popularity and usefulness yum 패키지 다운로드.

Back in 2017, Mark Zuckerberg was betting the future of Facebook and Instagram on video content. Three years later, it all makes sense.

Take a look at these fascinating numbers that will blow your mind:

  • As the second-largest search engine, 1.5 billion YouTube users watch at least 1 billion hours of video each day 템플릿.
  • Facebook 1.6 billion daily active users consume an average of 8 billion online videos.
  • Instagram Stories now has more than 500 million daily active users.
  • At least 82% of 330 million Twitter users watch video content every day.
  • Video marketing campaign on LinkedIn has a whopping 82% view rates secure shell.
  • More than 210 million active Snapchat users watch 10 billion videos daily.

As you’re looking to statistics above, it’s evident that social media offers massive opportunities for you to market your video content on the platforms.

Why You Must Invest in Video Content on Social Media in 2020

With almost a million videos content uploaded to the internet every second, social media can be your best option to get your video the limelight it deserves 곰플레이어 코덱 다운로드.

Here some convincing, worth-considering reasons that social media are the best go-to for your video marketing campaign in 2020:

●    Everyone Is Doing Social Media

Followed by the global rise of mobile phone proliferation, social media users’ annual growth continues apace.

According to the latest statistics, social media users’ annual average growth is 10%.

Look at the chart below, and you’ll know what I mean:


With almost 3.5 billion active social media users in total, it represents roughly 46 percent of the world’s total population Download naver photo video.

To say the obvious, putting your video content on social media is an excellent way to increase brand awareness. It’s a potent place where you can find new potential customers and even wandering them into loyal ones.

Now that almost everyone on social media, it’s no wonder that more and more video marketers are diverting their marketing efforts to it – and you’d better jump into the bandwagon Download Google Movie.

●    Social Media Shapes Customers’ Video Preference

It’s social media that responsible for the constant shift and change in customers’ video preferences, which leads to the ever-growing video trends.

On social media, you can witness some video trends are fading away, while some others are ramping up.

Remember the hype for autoplay videos with sound on Facebook and Twitter 1 room? Do you still see them around? I don’t think so.

In 2020, vertical videos, 360-degree videos, and live-streaming videos are predicted to be stealing social media scenes.

So, why does all the above matter to your business?

Integrating your video marketing on social media helps you to understand the video landscape much better and keep up with it – you’ll understand what types of video that your target audience gets excited for at the moment 페이트 스테이 나이트 ubw.

In that case, it’s easier to make your business cost-effective and always cater to your customers in a way that makes you stand out from the competition.

●    High Shareability

Social media platforms are undoubtedly the most effective ones when it comes to introducing new features aimed to help their users to connect and share content with others.

Therefore, using social media as your platforms to market your videos is a smart way to connect with a broader audience and gain new customers in a simple, easy way.

Statistics say that the shareability of videos on social media is 1,200% more than texts and images combined. Today, at least 92% of mobile users share online videos on their social media.

With the massive shareability that social media offers, it’s much easier for your brand to get discovered and increased sales.

These statistics say it all:


Video Marketing + Social Media = Success

In conclusion, videos and social media fit perfectly with each other– just like peanut butter and jelly.

An impressive video marketing campaign alone may not get you anywhere without a social media strategy to go along with it.

Combining them both is essential to crafting a successful marketing campaign.

As 2020’s video marketing competition is going to get even fiercer, it’s a sharp-witted way to use video marketing in conjunction with social media to create higher levels of engagement and sales.

What’s your favorite strategy?

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