Why You Should Base Your Social Selling Strategy on These Tools

By on June 11, 2019

There is no doubt that the Internet is the most widely used means of communication in the world to search for information or getting to know a brand, according to the Swedish website Svenskarna och internet. More than 3 billion daily searches are made through the Google search engine.  This has radically changed the way companies communicate with customers since the expansion of this search engine tool. In fact, there are many companies that have started to operate only through the Internet, the clearest example being the North American giant Amazon.

Online marketing is an unknown area for many companies Ghost Ship. This, in addition to focusing on an environment that is constantly changing as is the online world, causes many of these organizations to be reluctant to invest part of their resources in creating a department or actions in this medium, which end up destined for other aspects that ensure a more reliable return on investment.

However, a company that wants to continue growing must know that investing in online marketing is extremely important. This allows you to reach a much larger audience than you would if you only carried out offline actions, and this is where Social Selling comes into play Download The Rogue King txt.

What is Social Selling?

Social selling is a sales technique that takes advantage of social media to get customers. But it is not just a simple online sale. The goal is to reach the target consumer indirectly, making them choose us through the creation of quality content and arouse interest in our offer.

In order to achieve this, Social Selling is based on four fundamental pillars with which, combined, it tries to achieve the maximum possible number of clients 너를 만나 mr 다운로드.

These tools or pillars are the following: the website, SEO positioning, corporate blog and corporate profiles in social networks.

# The Website

The first of the tools we mentioned, which happens to be the one we consider of greatest importance, is the website.

The website is the gateway to our Internet offer, thanks to it users or visitors can become end customers without having to own a physical location 피망 맞고.

 An attractive website is able to convince visitors that the products or services you offer are those they need instead of those of the competition and allows you to sell through it.

To make sure that the users who enter your website end up becoming customers, you need it to be clear and attractive enough so that they do not run away a few seconds after entering it. This is achieved through quality content, simple and that explains well the advantages and characteristics of your offer. It is also necessary to have online contact methods so that the few doubts that your website can generate users are able to solve them quickly ipad youtube 다운로드. The best way to ensure good online contact is through a call button or click to call. This is a button that is added to your website and automatically puts you in contact via phone with your visitors once they click it.

# SEO Positioning

SEO is a key tool for any online marketing strategy. SEO positioning is what makes you more or less visible on the Internet and in the keywords you are looking for, i.e., to be visible to your target.

It doesn’t make sense to have a very attractive website and to have devoted an infinite number of resources to it if nobody visits it Download Lenovo Vantage. Organic visits are achieved by having a website that is continuously updated and that the content we generate is of quality and interesting. We will not be able to position a page or an article if it is not of quality, no matter how many words we want to include. It is important that our content is accompanied by images or videos and that these are optimized so Google can not penalize us for it. This content can be generated through our third tool, the corporate blog.

# The Corporate Blog

A corporate blog is extremely necessary to be able to create quality content and to have our website updated 타임가드. It will also help us to position articles in some keywords that are not so important but that helps us generate more traffic to our website.

It is important that the blog is continuously updated and that we are always creating new content as new quality articles. There is no point in creating an article simply for the sake of generating content that does not add any value to our website.  These articles will also help us create more content for our latest tool or pillar, social networks.

# Social Networking

Corporate profiles on social networks have achieved great popularity due to the huge number of users who use different social networks Autocad 2010. The corporate profiles serve to create a community of users loyal to your brand, which help to share publications so that we reach a growing number of users. It is also an ideal place to create offers or promotions such as sweepstakes or contests that will like very much among the followers and will make the number of these grow.

As you can see, all the tools are very close together and it is necessary to work all of them if we want to generate feedback with each other Download Microsoft Office 2016. Once we are clear about the main pillars on which Social Selling is based, it is essential to establish a strategy and know where to invest our resources with certainty. For this we have to follow a series of steps:

1.- Know our target audience: It is vital that the actions that we carry out in the different branches of online marketing are aimed at a specific audience. An audience that we are already familiar with that feels a certain affinity for our offer. The best way to achieve this is through segmentation, dividing our customers to know which of the groups we believe is more compatible with our brand and to whom we can direct our efforts 아이튠즈 12.0.1. Once we know this we can guide for example the messages we share in our networks, the aesthetics of our website, the price of our products, etc.

2.- Knowing our competitors: Knowing the companies that sell what we sell is essential to know what strategy to take. We can look at market leaders and follow their strategies, choose to take opposite paths… knowing what they do to get customers will help us know which path we should follow.

3.- Know ourselves: A good way to know which strategies to follow is to know ourselves, the strong and weak points, the opportunities and the dangers… carrying out a SWOT analysis is a great way to know these aspects.

4.- Setting objectives: We must set objectives that are real, it is all very well to want to be the new Google, but we must be realistic and set objectives that we can achieve according to the resources we have available. In addition, the objectives must be quantifiable, that is to say, we must be able to measure with certainty how far we have reached and, if we fail to reach them, we must know where we have failed.

5.- Choose well where to allocate our resources: Depending on the nature of our business, perhaps we need to invest more in some tools or others. It is very important to know which are the actions that will make us gain a greater number of customers. It is not necessary to invest in all tools equally.

Once you have established your strategy and have made the distribution and investment of resources, it is important that you strive to achieve the objectives set. At first it may seem difficult, but little by little you will see how your website is getting more and more visits and discover how your Social Selling strategy is generating profits, because once you get positioned in a good online point, no one will be able to stop you.

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