Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Automation for Your Translations

By on January 24, 2019

Today, with even small businesses reaching out to global audiences, the role of language translations for better communication is growing rapidly 캐시워크. On the one hand, where professional translators have been doing their bit for a decade, a new phase has surfaced in automation tools. Many businesses have shown interest in replacing linguists with automated machine translation tools 타자스쿨. But is it the right step?

This article discusses the negative effects of automation on the translation industry. In the course of time, the need for rapid translations is growing rapidly, and opting for an automation tool seems uncomplicated 롱 리브 더킹 목포 영웅 다운로드. However businesses need to know many things are at stake and can result in huge losses due to translation errors unless great care is taken.

Let’s take a look at some of the major cons of automation and its impact on the translation industry:

Lack of Accuracy:

As we know the translation industry is immensely diversified 헤이스트. The level of accuracy is of utmost importance as for example if translations for aviation manuals, medical prescriptions or even legal documents are to be prepared it requires 100% accuracy m-bizmaker 다운로드. If any mistake in such cases are neglected it can cost huge amount of money, many lives and to a great extent it can damage the reputation of the Translation Company.  This a strong reason why manual translations should be preferred because a professional translator can interpret context in the very same meaning, rather than just translating words fl studio 무료 다운로드.


Artificial intelligence or we can say machines are programmed based on formulas that are only capable to translate words hence it lacks in delivering the desired meaning most of the time Download the light-painted people. On the other hand when you hire a professional translation company in Dubai you can be rest assured because great care is taken  to make sure the translation resonates with the foreign audience as the original author intend it to 인센디어리.

Limited Vocabulary:

The automation tools are fed with a lot of words while being programmed Download mobile genealogy. However it is next to impossible for it learn all of it. Therefore in cases of difficult translations or uncommon genres the translation might end up with wrong translations or incomplete sentences resulting in false meaning Anxi Castle. On the other hand, in the case of professionals, one can achieve translations that provide the the desired meaning.

It’s Just a Machine:

A deliverable of translation is framed keeping in mind various factors like targeted audience, age group, cultural sensitivities etc, which is something an automation tool doesn’t take into account. Also the tonality, frame of speech and correct use words play a vital role based on the context whether it is a white paper, a speech or marketing instructions which definitely is out of its capacity. Hence one cannot rely 100% on just automation tools

Although artificial intelligence has its place in today’s technology minded world, it surely cannot live up to the quality and precision of a human-powered translation. Keep in mind all the above points while you are searching for your localization and translation needs and we hope you pick the right solution for your business.

About Shadab Khan

Shadab is a writer for Afrolingo, a professional South African translation and localization company. In a very short time, AfroLingo has developed a reputation as a reliable and expert provider of interpretation and translation services in South Africa. AfroLingo works with thousands of direct clients and over 100 MLV (multi-language vendors) providing contracted interpretation services.

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